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In-N-Out Burger Dream Job

We were invited to tour our local In-N-Out Burger in Sparks, Nv with a homeschool group.  We needed to be there at 8:55am, waiver in hand.  The manager met us with a warm welcome as he ushered us in.   He waited for any late comers while they passed out name tags and hats for the kids.

Gavin with his hat and name tag

Gavin with his hat and name tag

We were split into two groups where Gavin and I jumped into the first group to begin our tour.

I was amazed at how clean their facility was.   I will definitely continue to eat at this In-N-Out.  I’ve worked for fast food places as a teen…and this was so Nice!

The manager gave us the tour along with his assistant and he made mention that he, the manager, had worked for In-N-Out for 28 years where his assistant had worked there for 11 years.  What a testament to how great this company is!

We were shown their fridge where they stored their fresh patties that they were going to use in a day and a half.   Then their potato stack of approximately 45 bags of 50lb sacks which they will go through that day.   He said that in the weekend they go through a bunch more.  We came on a weekday,  Tuesday.

The potatoes are peeled then hand scraped for imperfections.  Each potato was checked!  What detail!

The tomatoes, lettuce, and buns are fresh too…whereas they receive enough of a shipment for about a day and a half.   Or every other day they receive a new shipment of foods they need.   Buns, potatoes,  patties, tomatoes, lettuce, and ice cream.  All things fresh.  I’m drooling here as I type.

They had set aside potatoes that were peeled and allowed each kid to cut up fries.  It was so fun for Gavin that he got in line two times.  These potatoes were the ones that were going to be served to us.  And yes, all hands were washed.  

The potato cutter was the only thing Gavin spoke to his dad about.   Ha!   He said that’s where he will be working.   Haha!

After the tour they fed us a complete meal which included the burger, fries, drink, and shake for the kids.   The adults were even fed.

I can’t say enough about how amazing this place was and it stemmed from how amazing the management was.

I don’t mind the long lines or the long drive thru wait.  The meal is so delicious and fresh that it’s worth it.

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