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A visit to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City with kids

Picture time!

Picture time!

During the Nevada Day Celebration the Train Museum was offering FREE Admission.  And I LOVE Free!

Beautiful door inside of the Railroad Museum

Beautiful door inside of the Railroad Museum

We walked in and were welcomed and told a little about the exhibits we would see.  The only thing that Gavin saw was the train table with Thomas the Train pieces.  This particular museum just received a new train that was re-finished…and it was really pretty.  Did Gavin care to pay attention to the amazing detail put into it?  No.  hehe.  He and his sister Arielle had better fun playing on the train table set aside for kids.  One specifically set right next to a bench for very tired adults to just set and watch their kids play trains while at the Train Museum.  Boy, was I glad this was free!

Train table where we spent a lot of time.  Ha!

Train table where we spent a lot of time. Ha!

I realized quickly why the train table was such a good idea…and it wasn’t really because it’s a “Train table” either.  The trains on exhibit all had signs to NOT climb on the trains.  Sad face.  I mean really,  To see something this big for a kid and to not be able to climb on it…that’s hard work!  Ha!

I somehow was able to pry the toy trains from both kids and we walked together through the museum.  There are such Beautiful trains inside and it’s worth a visit.  Was it interesting to a 5 year old.  A bit, sure.  He loved the initial look of the trains and how BIG they are.  Along with the 3D glasses that made the pictures “stick out” on the wall.   But for the most part…we spent a good majority of our time at the kids train table and I didn’t mind because of the nice bench seat that set close by.


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