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Thanksgiving BOGO 2015 Doterra essential oils!!!

Thanksgiving-BOGO 2015

If you LOVE Essential oils and want GREAT Deals along with some “Almost Christmas” fun…then you will want to be a part of this.  Each day on the dates between November 16th to November 20th, DoTerra will be offering BOGO deals on the essential oil or oils of the day!  So if you have friends and they LOVE essential oils too and love the deal of the day then let them in on this.  What a Great way to spread Essential oil joy!  Ha!

Last year I participated in the deals for Digestzen, Deep Blue, On Guard, and Goodness….i can’t even remember. lol.  If I remember right, I participated in almost everyday.  Ha!  Watching their facebook page everyday during the BOGO was so fun.  As you can tell.  I am obsessed!

Here is the link to the Doterra blog that I got the information from:

DoTerra Blog

Enjoy!  I sure will be waiting in anticipation of the BOGO sale along with you.

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