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The Reno Automobile Museum wasn’t suppose to be a playground….but it was.

We were invited to head on over to the National Reno Automobile Museum with a homeschooling crew.  I knew sweet Arielle would have zero fun so she went to hang out with Auntie Ronna.  Amen!   So it was momma and sweet son time.  Love it.

This place had A beautiful array of vehicles that would rival the collection of any automobile museum.  The building facades and the car lined streets gave it a great outdoor feeling of nostalgia.

Reno National Automobile Museum Cool "Streets"

Cool “Streets”

For me it was a great reminder of some sweet videos I grew up watching…you know…”My Fair Lady”, “Gone with the Wind”,  “Singing in the Rain”,  and my favorite Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  There really are so many more that I won’t go listing without reader boredom. You’re Welcome! hehe.

There was one car that I was told had been in a movie that I will totally be looking up.  The movie is with Jack Lemmon and is called The Great Race.

Reno National Automobile MuseumThis car was in the movie "The Great Race"

This car was in the movie “The Great Race”

Gavin was free of charge because he wasn’t quite 6 yet and I paid just $10 so I figured it was just $5 per person for us.  I am definitely a cheap date. hehe.

With admission came some rules: No touching the cars, with exception to a Model-T that has some dress clothes hanging nearby to take photos with.  Fun!  And later we found another Rule: No Running! hehe.  With a boy and some other boys, around the same age anywhere….running is something that will happen.  eek sorry!

Reno National Automobile Museum The clothes were way too big for him...sorry for the blurr...but my son is like flash sometimes hehe.

The clothes were way too big for him…sorry for the blurr…but my son is like flash sometimes hehe.

So Run, they did.  And Stop was said.  But running kept happening.  And Fun kept on.

I got a glimpse, literally, of some beautiful cars and some long ago Ladies attire as well as this great Space Exhibit with a few games for the kids to play.

All this time really was spent with Gavin running around with some of his friends he knew from elsewhere.  What fun we had Pushing buttons, wherever they were; whether along the wall or within the car exhibits themselves.

Reno National Automobile Museum Looked in the viewfinder to see what was in there

Looked in the viewfinder to see what was in there

Reno National Automobile Museum Turning wheel on the wall.   To him it was a steering wheel...close ha!

Turning wheel on the wall. To him it was a steering wheel…close ha!

Reno National Automobile Museum Crank that car to start!

Crank that car to start!

Reno National Automobile Museum And Honked that horn...A lot!  Oy!

And Honked that horn…A lot! Oy!


So, yes, we had a great time and played as if it were a playground that we stayed careful not to disturb; unless it said we could.  hehe.  But really, Anything that had a button was pushed, pulled or played on that was easily seen as ok to do.  And it was fun.  For us, learning and fun go hand in hand.  It was a good day.  And yes, we did our normal school work for that day.  If you were wondering…and I know you were wondering.  hehe.


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