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50-State Post Card Exchange and the 3 Limitations we Momma’s fall for.

Mailing out our cards...red flag up!

Mailing out our cards…red flag up!

September 1st we sent our first round of Nevada post cards out to 9 families.  Today, October 2nd, we sent out 11 Nevada post cards.  Throughout September Gavin got post cards from around the United States with information about their state.  How fun it is to see these things in the mail.  I mean really, who wants to see bills, credit card “pre-approvals,” and this weeks advertisements for what’s on sale at the local grocery stores?!  hehe.  These sweet notes from folks we don’t know is really a fun way to go to the mailbox.

I found this particular Post Card exchange on Facebook and signed up for the 5 month plan.  I knew that my son, Gavin, would love to see his name on these cards so I made sure to have the cards addressed to him.  I thought that it would only be fun to receive the cards but really it’s fun and educational to send them as well.  As we write the addresses on the cards, we lay the cards on a Rug of the United States of America…hehe.  I wanted Gavin to see where these cards were going.  And Yes, We do these in our Pajamas.  Hehe.  Love Homeschooling!

Map Rug to help us see where our cards are going.   And when we receive them we see where they came from.  Fun!

Map Rug to help us see where our cards are going. And when we receive them we see where they came from. Fun!

He’s traveled with us a few times on 9 hour drives from where we live here in Nevada to Southern California.  I would show him the distance between our home and California to sort of use it as a measuring tool.  (So Gavin, you remember how long it took to drive down to grandma’s house in California, can you imagine driving that 4 times to drive across the country?.)  At that point it clicks in his head that this map is now HUGE!  He often comes back with “that poor mailman.”  Hahaha!!!

We also talk about State Capitals.  Gavin is in Kindergarten!!  ha!  I am not asking for perfection from him, that would be crazy, however he has a good time hearing about the cards that leave our house and the ones that we get.  We live pretty close to our State Capital, Carson City, and he loved his visit there…but only because his first visit there was to the Children’s Museum.  Which isn’t a bad visit and it allowed him to light up when I started talking about Capitals.  So, I kept going.  To make it really fun, he knows where Disneyland and Disney World are on the map too.  Ha!  It’s the really important things in life that matter.  Haha!

Many of these Post Cards have a ton of information on the States that they came from.   State Flag, Flower, Capital, Bird, Trees, Approximate Population, what the state is known for, things to do, and the list goes on.

3 Limitations we Momma’s fall for:

1.  My kid is only 5 (or ?)…they aren’t ready to learn about things like ” ”        and ” ”   (fill in the blank),  because it will be over their head.

2.  How can a 3, 4, 5, or almost 6 year old, understand the actual measurement of something so big?  This is too hard.  

3.  Reading about these places, that my kid has never been to, or heard of, will leave them uninterested and might be a huge waste of time.   

Kids are like amazing little sponges, but even better than sponges is their capacity to remember and quite possibly their ability to relate and understand.   This life and these sorts of things are what we make of it.  If we have a good time, chances are, they will too.

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