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An Animal Sanctuary in our Backyard!

We Visited the Animal Ark which is a local Animal Sanctuary and had such a good time.  A Sanctuary is filled with animals that aren’t cleared to go back into the wild due to an injury.  Where-as a zoo has animals that can potentially go back into the wild.  This place recently experienced the death of two of their tigers.  We found out that it was due to meat that was bought from a place that sells to animal sanctuaries like this.  I am hoping that there aren’t any other deaths due to the same thing elsewhere.  It’s So sad.

What's your wingspan?

What’s your wingspan?

This particular place was located quite a ways off the freeway exit.  It probably took a good ten minutes of driving from the freeway exit.  Mind you, it took 20 minutes to get to the freeway exit from where we live.  It’s not a place to take a leisurely stroll too.  Hehe.


Waiting to touch the feathers.

A sweet Homeschool momma put on this event and we got to benefit from it with discounted admission.  And I LOVE Discounts.

Arielle loved to be near me.  Hehe...but boy it was hot.

Arielle loved to be near me. Hehe…but boy it was hot.

I took my baby carrier instead of a stroller to carry my one year old.   That was seriously a work out.   Ha!  Another momma took a stroller and I was almost tempted to ask to find room in their for sweet Arielle.  Haha!

The pathways were all dirt and some gravel.  So for those with a stroller that is pretty much all terrain you’re Golden.

This is on the pathway with a portion of the group.

This is on the pathway with a portion of the group.

This place isn’t flat either.   Its placed neatly on a hill.  For those that don’t want to walk or climb really. . Along with your admission you can pay extra to be driven around which looked like it could totally be worth it.  But for those hikers…like me…wink, wink, it wasn’t all that bad.

This beautiful place had so many amazing animals.  Our favorite was the tether ball bear!  No Really!!!  You can view him on YouTube.  Arielle loved that “baby.”  Her laugh was so sweet as she watched him eat and play.

Arielle's favorite! Hehe

Arielle’s favorite! Hehe

We learned so many amazing things about the animals they had there.   As a Group we were given a sort of private and hands on class about the particular animal we were looking at.  So fun!  When we were looking at the bear we got to see the difference between polar bear fur and brown bear fur as well as their skull differences.  I really loved our personal tour guided studies.

Polar bear fur and brown bear fur.  Love the hands on

Polar bear fur and brown bear fur. Love the hands on

They have a gift shop that offers Frozen sweets, cold water, and snacks.  So if you want to eat there make sure to pack a lunch.  And like a real 5 year old boy, Gavin LOVED the play structure they have out by the parking lot.  Haha!!!  He liked the animals but he LOVED the playground.

We loved how amazing and accommodating all the staff members were as they really treated us so personably.

A real Jaguar!

A real Jaguar!

We saw so many amazing animals! Look up your local Animal Sanctuary…and Go, you will love it too.

The Address for the Reno Animal Ark is 1265 Deerlodge Rd, Reno, NV 89508.


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