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That’ll Work! Single Vehicle Problems while Stomping Debt.

We just recently sold our Honda and decided to keep our Jeep Liberty because it was going to make sure we stayed serious about getting out of debt.  The Honda had literally no issues when the Jeep had multiple.  One of the issues I am going to poke fun at is the power windows not working.  Now the windows are intact, it’s just the power unit that adjust how the window moves that has malfunctioned.  We have had to replace these same certain parts that make the windows work correctly numerous times.  This costs a lot for a professional to fix this issue….Like $700 per window a lot and we have had to change it at least twice…I am pretty sure more but I can’t think of the other times off the top of my head.

Now your probably wondering if their was a recall or some sort of aid that Jeep may have given to the many cars that experienced this same thing….well their was.  However we found out that we had too many miles on the Jeep and they wouldn’t cover the recall.  Hence the reason we paid the money to fix it so many times before.

Even though we paid the pretty penny to fix our power windows it didn’t stay that way.  Well the back power windows are, once again, not functioning and instead of paying a professional to “fix” it, we have decided to take things into our own hands.

Now the funny part about two adults that are NOT car savvy is that we use some creative tricks to get the results we are looking for.  I am cracking up as I am about to give you insight into how we keep our windows up…..ready….drum roll please…..Wooden spoons!  BWahahaahaha!!!!  Who knew they would come in handy outside of the kitchen?!   Yes you read right!  We jammed these kitchen gadgets in the inside of our Jeep doors and have gone hardcore in deciding to NEVER EVER open the windows back there again!  Haha!!!

Ok, so “Never Ever” again is a little over the top…..Ok, way over the top.  And not exactly true either.  Thanks to YouTube there are tutorials on how to fix this issue ourselves.  So Jay has bought the correct parts and through the help of our friendly neighbors on YouTube (hehe) we may be saving some major funds that will go directly to stomping our debt for good.  And hey, maybe one day we will be able to pay outright cash for a different vehicle that may not suffer the same issues.  Debt free dreaming, yes!  I know all my Jeep Liberty owning friends out there would shout Amen if they could.

Everytime I see a Jeep Liberty I Always, I mean Always, look to see if their window is part way down or it has duct tape on the inside or outside, or has something jammed in between the window and door.  I know that most likely it’s to keep their window from creeping down slowly as it moves around town.  It really just makes me chuckle a little because I know exactly the frustration they are feeling when their little button, to control the window placement, doesn’t work and their windows slowly shimmy downward with the movement of the car.

I saw this jeep at Gavin's Dr's office hehe.

I saw this jeep at Gavin’s Dr’s office hehe.

So in an effort to make this fun;  If you see a Vehicle with Duct Tape to hold it together or some sort of item that might keep a window up; take a picture of it.  Please leave out the license plate or any identifier.  Let’s make it fun! Post it on the Facebook page where this article is posted and I will enter you into a drawing to win a

SUP $10 Giftcard

If you haven’t been, it’s a Midtown local restaurant that makes, from scratch, their menu and it’s So Delicious.

Let the chuckles begin.  I will have this ongoing till 9pm on Friday May 15th.   Happy finding.

For my out of towner friends: I will get you a Starbucks Giftcard.  Hehe.

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