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A New Way to Spring Clean: Day 1

With the weather getting warmer I am getting more and more excited to get outside.  But mostly because winter has a tendency to help my house accumulate dust.  Oh yes, and having kids items change with the season such as clothing and even toys its, time to decide what stays and what goes.

Create a List: The easiest way to get started is to start a List.   Yes, a big or small one (your choice) Mine is pretty long hehe.  It serves as a physical place to harbor my thoughts so they don’t continue to bother me (only because I know I forget things so so so easy, and things like this are important so my mind will go crazy till I write it down).  Use this as a checklist to help move things along.

Let the kids get involved too!!  Yes, kids can help and often times they love to do so.  Make it age appropriate; for example, my 5 year old Gavin thinks it is fun to wipe down the baseboards, or even spray the stair spindles and cabinets (kitchen and bathroom) and wipe them down, or helps to divide clothes that he wears and doesn’t anymore.  Here is a GREAT non-toxic recipe that I use, make, and it actually works:

All Purpose Cleaner 2

Focus, Focus, Focus:  Try to stay focused.  I am preaching to the choir here.  I clean on a tangent.  Haha!!!  I start one thing (maybe dishes) then think of something else (like wow this drying towel looks dirty, maybe I should wash some laundry), then I go do that thing (like laundry), leaving the dishes half done.  Oh and adding mom into the madness It turns into lunch time, then naptime (which isn’t really nap time but, fight to sleep time) snack time….  Aye Yaye Yaye!  Focusing is something I will one day be able to master…quite possibly more-so in dreamland.  Ha!  But If I were to focus and stay on task I can actually do more of a deep cleaning and get to spring cleaning at a much faster, more efficient rate than ever before.  Yes, I am dreaming again….  But it is a beautiful dream.

Put the darn phone down!:  It’s So Easy to deviate on a task when Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, you name it; is ever before you.  PUT it down!  Set it aside… or even Lord help you to turn the thing off, if you could withstand the torture, and get to work.  If this sounds like a lot…Let’s maybe do time limits.  Ha!  Set a time limit as to how long you will clean and either use your cell like a REAL phone and act like it’s connected to the wall (weird, I know) and only answer it when you get a call or simply turn it off within your pre-set time period.  You will thank me later….or cry, yeah maybe cry.

Turn off the TV:  No talk show is going to help you focus on cleaning.  Granted, if your music is on your TV then ok…Crank that thing up!  But if you find yourself struggling to sit in one spot for the designated time period…Turn it off!  No Distractions!  You can do this!

De-Cluttering makes you happy!: Well the end result of reacquiring much needed space in the house is enough to make me do the happy dance.  Ha!.  Making things personal is the enemy.  That movie I don’t watch anymore that so and so gave me does not need to stick around…nor does that jacket, that was so 5 years ago, that I forgot was in my closet.  Sell, Donate, Trash.  Money from a sale will make me happier than that jacket I forgot that I had.  hehe.

Roll up the Sleeves and Scrub: Set your time and begin deep cleaning.  Start with the areas that need more attention and a really good scrubbing (kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets, cleaning the carpet, ceiling fans, windows, ovens, blinds, and fridge.  Once those are done, move to daily or weekly tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.  Use your list.  It’s your BFF now.



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