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So you know what you want to be when you grow up?

So, my sweet 5 year old Gavin already believes he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.  I know that his mind isn’t made up and his thoughts will change most likely with every day that passes, but it’s fun to see what today holds.  I love to ask him questions because I daily live the show “Kid’s say the darndest things.”  He says the BEST things.  I probably can have a book of Gavin sayings.  Ha!  So when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he told me with no hesitation that he wanted to “post videos on YouTube”.  While he was setting up his scenery and props I asked, “Is that a job?”   And he said “Yeah, If you record good videos then someone will pay you.”  Then he said “We need to record me opening my Easter eggs.”

So I got my phone out and recorded him as he opened his eggs.  He wanted right away to watch what he had just done and what I recorded.  I had no idea how serious he was until he watched his little video and then immediately turned the dining room light on and asked me to re-record him.  Haha!  So, I did and he re-watched it and then said “Umm, I think for Christmas I am going to have to get a camera.”  I laughed so hard!  I can’t believe that came out of his mouth.  I kept thinking Wow your 5!  Sweet boy….The dollar store is suppose to be cool still.  Crayons are suppose to be cool…  Lord knows I was hoping that inexpensive supplies like paint, blank paper, balls, gardening tools and even a bike still made his day.    Ok, so he still loves them, but come on….A Camera?!  Hahahah!!!!  I never dreamed of having one at 5 years old.

So because this is new territory for me and probably everyone in my generation and before I will just pray, have fun, and go with.  For sure being a mom in this day and age of social media needs lots of God and innocent fun; and of course prayer against all the negative that comes with social media.  But for now….as a mom of today….Let the fun begin!

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