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Scheels! Kids love it too!

Scheels fun!

Scheels fun!

Scheels can be a Great place for kids.  This place has games, a ferris wheel, ice cream, and a kids klub (which is free).   If you have little funds or just don’t want to spend much this is a great place to visit.

The Ferris wheel is a daddy and son event. …but mostly because I would need to hold my son the entire time on this thing just to keep him safe.  Hehe.  Yup, keep him safe;  Ok,  I am scared of heights and those seats sway.  Eeewww.  So I’m not going on that thing.  It costs only  $1 per rider.  And you purchase the token at the register.  Gavin loves the wooden tokens.  He also loves using them like money and when it’s their time to enter the gate he happily gives his tokens away.

Ferris wheel tokens!

Ferris wheel tokens!

Afterwards we went to the kids shoe area.  Hehe…but not to try on shoes.  In this area they have a play structure.  I carried Arielle so she could see her brother climbing the structure and then once he went down the slide his sister would giggle so loudly.   How fun!   And free!

Among the free or inexpensive activities like bowling, putting, and kick ball, they also host a Kids Klub.  And they are hosting tonight March 16th at 6pm.  And it’s for the first 100 kids 4-12 years old.   The kids that participate get a free ferris wheel ride as well.  And tonight is all about Leperchauns!  They will do a craft and follow the rainbow hehe.  This Kids Klub is free!  So after all the fun it’s a great idea to head to Gramma Ginna’s Restaurant and Fudge Shop for some great fudge or gelato.

Love this place!   Great place to buy and great place to play with kids on a budget.

If you want more information…

Here is the link: Kids Klub

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