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Picky Picky: Mealtime with a 5 year old.

My picky sweet angel boy,  Gavin

My picky sweet angel boy, Gavin

I don’t claim to be a chef.  I also don’t believe I am the worst cook in the world.  Ha!  So when I hear my sweet angel boy say things like “yuck” or looks in the pantry for other things to eat while his dinner is on the table; I try not to get offended.  Ok, so I try not to stay offended.  Come on, it’s hard to please every pallet in one meal.

And no, sweet boy, you cannot have cookies for dinner!  I too wish I could have cookies for dinner…but as a mom and someone who is responsible for another human other than myself; cookies cannot sufficiently keep you alive or keep your sweet brain functioning at the capacity God intended.  And they won’t keep me alive and functioning so I can take care of you to keep you growing up and healthy.  But how do I tell my little one, who is so desperate to not eat his dinner, that every food group is represented in this meal and it’s all for your benefit?  For real!  Cross my heart, hope to die.

I have made so many dishes too and mostly with him in mind and still it’s a knock down drag.  Or even a bribe…”if you eat your broccoli, you can get some ice cream.”  Wow, before I had kids I totally said I’d never ever be that lady who begged and bribed her kids to eat good food…I would say to myself, “my kids will naturally be amazing and good all the time; their going to listen to me and eat everything in front of them.”…Ha!!!  Having kids in the present and dreaming of them are like living Alternate Universes.  Dreams are one thing…Reality another.

OH MY LORD!  Why must every meal be like WWE?  Ack!  I want to pull every hair from my head when he says “I’m not hungry for that!” or “I am going to look in here for something to eat.”  Umm…no!  You are going to eat this Dang meal that took approximately 30 minutes to make while your sister was screaming on the floor!  A momma can only take so much.  30 Minute meals are the longest I can take before it just goes downhill for my brain.  I mean, I just can’t listen to my babies cry for prolong periods of time before my heart hurts so bad from the pain they must be feeling.

By the way, Arielle is fine.  She is learning to crawl and hates…I mean hates to be put down.  So yeah tummy time isn’t her greatest moment.  hehe.  But the girl has got to learn to crawl, right?  Forward crawling isn’t going so well…but backward is.  Haha!  Not sure how to propel her to go forward.  I’ve placed toys in front of her and she tries to reach for them then inches backwards.  Eeeek.  It’s so cute.  So practicing is what we will do.

So back to my Sweet Angel boy, Gavin.  He eats like a bird and Loves fruit, cheese, crackers, lunch meat, yogurt, and all kids food (or nuggets, French fries, hamburgers, and any easily graspable finger like foods).  By the time dinner hits, I figure, he should be hungry.  Well, actually he should be Starving!  So why is it amazingly easy for him to deny himself the sustenance he needs to have the energy to play?  Is there an easier way?  I refuse to fix two different meals.  I don’t think my heart can take listening to baby Arielle cry for longer than the allotted 30 minutes I have to fix a dinner.

One day, I hear, it will get easier.  But for now, it’s a war zone!  And everyday is a battlefield and this momma has to use her wit to get through the day.  And yes, It’s exhausting.  I look forward to naptime and bedtime…it’s then that I LOVE my kids to my hearts capacity.  Cause in their sleep; God allows me to see how perfect they are.  And it helps to rejuvenate me to go onto the next moment.  And for sure this momma lives moment to moment.  It’s by His strength that I can do this and He gives me enough to make it through.  And yes, I can do this!!!


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