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March Doterra Great Promotions

March 2015 Promotion Photo

For those that want to turn to more natural remedies and want to get started with a kit to save some money; or continue their use of essential oils;  this month, with a 200 pv order, you get a 5ml Deep Blue soothing blend as well as the Deep Blue soothing blend rub.  If you order before the 15th you also get 15ml Wild Orange free with your order.  

So let’s say you get a Home Essentials kit for $275 with it you get: 


Enrollment $35 (like Costco so you can buy at wholesale all year)

 15ml Frankincense ($93 retail) ($69.75 wholesale)

15ml Melaleuca ($25.33 retail) ($19 wholesale)

15ml Breathe ($26.66 retail) ($20 wholesale)

15ml Lavender ($28 retail) ($21 wholesale)

15ml Oregano ($32 retail) ($24 wholesale)

15ml OnGuard ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

15ml Digestzen ($41.33 retail) ($31 wholesale)

15ml Lemon ($13.33 retail) ($10 wholesale)

15ml Peppermint ($27.33 retail) ($20.50 wholesale)

5ml Deep Blue ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

Petal Diffuser ($66.67 retail) ($50 wholesale)

With the Promotion this month you get:

Another 5ml Deep Blue ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

Deep Blue Rub ($39 retail) ($29.25 wholesale)

15ml Wild Orange ($14 retail) ($10.50 wholesale)

And Because I believe that knowledge is power I will send to you the Modern Essentials Handbook ($16.88 retail) too!

So for $275 you get all these and in Total you Save : $311.54 Retail!!!!!   And $177.88 Wholesale SAVINGS!!!


The 15ml bottles have 250 drops and the 5ml bottles have 80 drops…Now for each application you only use about 2-3 drops.  And so long as you keep your oils in a cabinet they will last forever! Cool huh!

If you are looking for Natural Solutions with NO Side affects, Let’s Talk.  This is a great example of a way to get started.  I recommend kits because they save you money.  I didn’t start off with a kit (because I just didn’t believe in how great these were) but I often kick myself because I paid the enrollment twice in that I bought this Home Essentials kit after I paid the enrollment ($35 membership) in order to start paying wholesale prices.  Essential oils are real!  Can’t wait till you see too.  I am obsessed and at the same time so thankful.

Wholesale is the way to go!  You save 25%.

Your welcome to go to my web page: mydoterra.com/teresakornahrens

There you can make your order; either retail or wholesale.  If you choose to do wholesale click on Join and then click wholesale and fill out the forms.  Easy peasy.  You are on the way to healthy living.

I love questions.  I really am obsessed.  Really because I have seen what these little bottles can do in our everyday lives…  You’re welcome to message me.  I would love to talk to you.


Side note: essential oils are paired with our bodies natural ability to heal itself.  I say, give it the nutrients it needs and let your body do the rest!

Talk to you soon!  Can’t wait!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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