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Little couch change; Big results…

Old Microfiber couch

Old Microfiber couch

We recently sold our couch. We sold the couch on Sunday and bought a couch on Thursday.   Though it was Gavin’s Asthma and Allergy doctor who prompted the sell (which is part of the agreement to do all wipe-able surfaces)…we were sure glad to do so.  That couch was un-comfy, easily stained, and hard to clean.  Hehe.  Everytime you go to sit on it the cushions would come out from under us.  It was great for making forts though. ..which was a normal occurance as well as easy to do because the cushions were always on the ground and readily accessible.

We bought it about 6 years ago believing in the allure of microfiber and scotch guarding.  We were told that if we scotch guarded the couch then stains would easily come off.  Umm…easy for who?   Not us.  Or maybe they meant stains would easily attract to the couch.  Or that stains would easily show and stick around.  That’s what would happen.  Even water would stain the couch.  Yeah, Water!  All my Microfiber friends know what I am talking about.  hehe.

So, yes!  We were Happy to see it go.  No more cushions strewn on the floor.  No more scrubbing water off the couch with rubbing alcohol.  Or seriously scrubbing the little crumbs left behind by my little snacker.  No more pain in the neck while watching television due to the escaping cushions.  I think 6 years of aggravation was a good run at giving it a shot.

We had a certain amount set aside just for a couch purchase.  We were looking at places like Big Lots or RC Willey but didn’t find what we wanted.  My sister in law had been screening craigs for us and she saw a recent listing of a La-Z-Boy couch that reclines.  She has a reclining couch and I made mention that it sure would be nice to have one.   Oh, By the way, she is single handedly the best person I know to look up things on craigslist.  She has the ability to find things, buy them, and turn them around for profit.  All by just screening craigslist, buying, and cleaning up an item or altering it somehow to make it more appealing to buyers.  She can make money from the craziest things.  God gave her serious abilities.  Are there more people like this out there?  I don’t know anyone else.  So whenever I need serious items like a couch per say, she is definitely capable of finding a good deal.  She was on it, and gave me the information on this listing, which I loved the pictures of and I emailed quickly and here is the result:

Upgraded La-Z-Boy recliner couch and chair

Upgraded La-Z-Boy recliner couch and chair

I’d say she did a Fantastic job!

Coming from a Pest Control family, there are things you need to watch out for when buying from places like Craigslist…such as my biggest fear of all…bed bugs.  Thank the Lord I know a guy who knows a thing or two about it (i.e.. my husband).  My sister in law has a guy too as she married into the same family.  For those that don’t have the same connection…take a white napkin (or a few) and when buying couches, or furniture, rub along the seams with it.  If you see red…run.  Though it’s not fool proof…it’s a better option than none.

I personally don’t recommend buying used mattresses.  Or couches from a sketchy neighborhood, but to each their own.  We got lucky; this couch was from a Really nice house in a really nice area.  They were moving to another custom built house, didn’t want to take their “old” couch, all the while trying to put a little cash in their daughter’s pocket before she headed to Pharmacy school.  I think that was a Win-Win for both of us.

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