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Gavin’s favorite day. Marches Mail Order box of fun

Gavin Loves to check the mail and today he found this month’s Green Kid Craft box waiting with his name on it.  I love how excited he was when he came back in the house with his daddy.  With the box in hand, he yelled “Wahoo, mom, I got a new green box of activities!”  This time the activities were centered around Music and the science of sound waves and vibration.  It included three baggies with separate instructions on how to make 5 different instruments.  These instructions had information on sound facts.  Like, sound waves are invisible energy that travel by vibrating the air around it.  It even talks about kinetic energy and gives fun facts about things you would see in the world around you like lightening and thunder and how sound travels at different speed.  There is so much information on these little cards.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

The first baggie had instructions on how to make ankle bells.  He went right to it and beaded his wooden beads and little bells and wanted to place it on his ankle; like the instructions say.  Haha!  I asked if he tried to do a pattern and he just said no I want to make music fast.  Hey, not a bad idea.  So I fastened that beaded string onto his ankle and it was music time.

Ankle music! Hehe

Ankle music! Hehe

After a few songs and stomps and shakes, it was onto the next project which was the Finger Cymbals. I cut up that box and he carefully placed the bottle caps onto the cardboard so as to make sure the bottle caps touched; to make sound.  He clacked them together and called himself a crab.  Haha!  I thought Flamenco but crab will do.  There is no arguing with a kid that is having fun.  And being a crab is more fun.

He played with both the ankle bells and “crab fingers” for a few more songs.  We then went onto the next project which had us use the box that I had cut up.  Gavin placed the rubber bands around the box and made himself a little guitar.  With this project he got to hear how each rubber band gave off a different pitch based on how tight the band was around the box.  I had him close his eyes and he got to guess if I strummed the same string or if it was a different one.  I love how fun this age is.

Next project was the Maraca making one.  Here while making his maraca he got to hear about kinetic energy and how volume is produced by the amount of force used to get the sound vibrations going.  He filled his little egg with beans and we taped his egg to some spoons.  He placed some stickers onto his Maraca and Voila.  A rhythm machine.

At this point it was time to get baby sister up from her nap, feed her and then it was Jam time!  I hope you enjoy the video as we enjoy the homemade instruments that came in the mail today.  Heck, even I look forward to these boxes.

After the Jam time we promptly, at the begging of my sweet boy, went and finished the last instrument which was the Kazoo.  The card explained more on vibrations and sound, but to Gavin it was just about making music and there is just nothing wrong with that.  Love it!

If you are in the market for something different and fun for kids then this is a good thing to keep in mind.  Good things can come in the mail…hehe and not just junk mail or monthly paper bills.

Link to Green Kid Crafts: Green Kids crafts.

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