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YouTube might get better for momma’s

I just read that YouTube might be coming out with an App that will be more tailored to kids 2-8years old.  Thank the Lord!  I had to stop letting Gavin watch YouTube because at first I started to see how easy it was to go on video tangents.  One minute he’s watching educational videos then another minute he’s watching some kids cuss while pretend sword fighting.  How the heck did he get from watching videos I approved to videos I would never watch myself?  It happened so frequently that he would even get snappy and say things that didn’t seem to be like him.  I get that he had bad days…but when those bad days correlated with the days he watched YouTube…it became apparent that I needed to take drastic measures.  These sorts of things would even happen when he would have tablet time so he could play the games we downloaded ( all the Angry bird games).  He would play his games then get on YouTube and his whole demeanor would just change.   So YouTube was ditched!  He is so much better.  He still gets some of that attitude that comes out once in a while but it might be because he just can’t unsee things.  The eyes are definitely a gateway to this world.  I didn’t know, like countless other momma’s, what kind of impact modern technology has and will have on my kids. We have to be careful of who is teaching our kids….I am guilty myself.   Everyday is like trial and error.  We parents need huge amounts of grace and guidance from the Lord.  This day and age is so fast paced.  I didn’t have my first cell phone till after high school…now kids in elementary are getting them.  Tablets are so common.  Everyone has a cell phone that has quick access to things we love and things we would never ever watch ourselves.  As we protect our hearts, let’s protect our eyes too.  We momma’s have so much power.  Let’s continue to protect our kids by guarding our eyes first then our hearts will then also be protected.  I am so glad for the possibility for this App and really hope that it will be what it says it will.  Till then…YouTube will remain on the no or one video list.  I’ve got a momma duty to uphold.  Protector of my kids hearts and the heartbeat of my family.

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  • Jenny February 21, 2015, 4:54 pm

    Yay!! I didn’t hear about this yet! Gretta likes to watch playdoh videos, but I can’t give her the phone until after the add that plays before the video because I don’t want her to see the advertisements for R rated movies! There should be a way for them to only show kid friendly commercials on kid friendly videos! So I am glad that they are coming out with a kid friendly version, hopefully they don’t use the same commercials 😉 thanks Teresa for giving me something to look forward too!!! Love your blog by the way 😉

    • TeresaKornahrens March 9, 2015, 7:17 am

      Hi Jenny!!! Those R Rated commercials are Terrible. I really can’t believe some of the things I have seen in between the kids videos. I am so happy you like my posts. I totally just saw what you wrote. I was checking before what folks were writing but it was spam at first and Jay told me it was totally normal. I was like Awe man! So I stopped looking. Glad I looked again 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

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