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Valentine’s Day Fun at Lowe’s

Valentines day







Today, on Valentine’s day, we went to Lowes and participated in their kids workshop.  It normally happens at 10am but when we got their at 9:55am we found that they weren’t set up and their were folks that said they were waiting since 9:45am…which in the past they had set up the tables about then (yes I’ve been to places early. …hehe…so I know that to be true).  By 10:10 they started to set the work stations up.  At that point I went to the front of the line and just asked if I can get a blank waiver to start filling out so the folks behind us don’t get more irritated.  Well they didn’t have any and the woman in charge asked a Co worker to get them printed.   She started to pass out the kits but with every person that didn’t have the waiver she would have them step aside till they were filled out and turned in.  This brought on a firestorm of angry parents.  It was quite a sight.   It got worse when it took the Co worker close to 10 more minutes to get the waivers printed.

Mob of Angry Parents


The Storm calmed as soon as the printed waivers came and all in the world was good.  Now onto the normal fun of kids kits in this workshop. …  Today’s kit was the Valentine’s Day Picture holder.  So so cute!  The instructions were easy and Gavin was able to get some hands on experience.  How fun for kids!  I totally know this wasn’t around when I was a kid.  What a great experience.  Hehe. …crazy moments and all!

Hammering away!!!


If you want to find a FREE fun activity for your kids. .  Lowes is a good option.   They have what they call a Build and Grow Workshop where you and your kids get hands on projects to build together.  It’s so fun!  Lowe’s provides these kids with an apron, protective eye wear, and the hammer (while your there) to put the project together.   In the end, when it’s all finished, they hand out these really well made patches to sew (or in our case iron) onto your apron.  Best thing is that it’s completely FREE!  There are very few things that you can do and have fun with your kids that are free.  So look them up online and find out when the next project is and have some kid friendly fun!  It would be fun to see you there too.


All Finished!  Will you be my Valentine?

All Finished! Will you be my Valentine?

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