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Mail order Kid’s crafts….oh Yeah!

20150207_101152For Christmas Gavin got, from Grandma Sherry, a monthly subscription to Green Kids crafts.  Gavin loves helping get the mail and absolutely loved having a box say his name on it.  How fun for him and for me to see his eyes light up.  It’s a box that comes in the mail with 3 to 4 crafts that have the same theme.   Even within the 3 to 4 crafts there are more fun things to do.  Today it was “Safari Science.”  Along with the crafts and kid friendly experiments (hands on) there was so much information.  This kit of projects was about African habitats.

20150207_110635One project he did was the scratch board one where he drew some different African landscapes and placed animal stickers in the places that they live.  Come on,  who doesn’t love stickers?  This same project had another scratch board that he got to stencil camouflage patterns.  He had fun guessing which animal had those patterns.  There was also instructions on how to make your own scratch boards.

The second project was “Animal tracking.”  He got clay and two animal figurines in which he was able to roll out the clay and make animal tracks in it.  He then kept the tracks in the clay to later make them fossils.  This same project went over migration and animal footprints of various animals.  He used his stencils to paint animal track cards.  (Paint included in the kit).  They go on to show a lot of tracks for animals you’d see in Africa.

20150207_085258 The third project was the “quicksand experiment.”  There was instructions  to on how to make elephant toothpaste.  With the quicksand project, though, he got to use his figurines that came in the tracking project and place them in this goo he helped make with water and see them sink.  He loved putting his hands in the gunk too.  Boys love goo…and gunk! He had so much fun with it.  I mean he giggled so so so long.  I love that sound.   Laughter really is the best medicine!  I gotta say that these projects are good for any age.   Learning and playing isn’t a bad combination at all.

For more information about Green kid crafts click on this link…. Green Kids crafts.

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