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Kids, Colds, and a Quick recovery

Colds, we all get them.  When your kid has a cold it’s awful, and if your like me you think…follow that kid and disinfect everything.  Eeekk!!! Well this Tuesday was Gavin’s turn to get a cold.  And my thoughts were: NO!!!!!  NO!!!!  I am already exhausted, I have a sick boy who is spreading his germs and a baby girl that LOVES the attention of her big brother.  All day Tuesday I asked Gavin to keep his distance from his sister (which hurt his feelings) but he did it anyhow.  Normally I follow him around and disinfect all his toys and doors and everything he comes in contact with but really, that wasn’t happening.  I needed to contain his movements and so in his room he went.  By Arielle’s second nap I could compose my thoughts enough to make a real game plan.  At 2pm we put OnGuard essential oil on his feet and back.  At the same time we put Breathe essential oil on his feet and chest.  Then we made up what I like to call the “Cold Kicker” and had him drink:

Cold kicker

(we had him drink this two times on Tuesday evening with approximately 4 hours between the two.  (This was repeated on Wednesday but we were able to give it to him 3 times).

On Wednesday we repeated the OnGuard and Breathe on his feet as well, one time in the morning, and one time at night.

Oh and he also had a Vitamin C chewable tablet twice a day both days.

(As you can see, we hate colds! Eeeww)

Today is Thursday and he has NO sign of a cold!!!!! Amen!!!  Fact: our colds, in the past, have lasted weeks.  They travel within the family and they are just plain NO FUN!  As a safe guard I also put OnGuard on sweet Baby Arielle and myself.  Jay did the same and I have no cold and Arielle looks like the perfect little angel baby she is ;).  hehe.  Now I am no doctor, but I do know that this stuff is real!  And I am so thankful for it!  I mean, a cold remedy that might actually be a remedy?  Yes, and it’s really cool!  Hit me up if you want to know more about it!  I love to share!  It has now become my passion as I see day after day how it’s changing our lives and the way we take control of our health!  I totally look forward to hearing testimonies as well as folks wanting a more natural way to heal their bodies.  Heal your bodies in that it gives your body the correct nutrients that it needs to heal itself!  Our bodies are Wonderfully made and I totally know that full well!  I can’t speak for another Essential oil Brand but Doterra (I haven’t been in contact with another).  I love it so much and I know you will too!  If you have any questions of health concerns, even if I may not know the answer I will definitely get back to you with one.  Until then…Be Well, Safe, and Healthy!!!

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