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Goodbye Honda; Goodbye Debt.

Happy Buyer...

Happy Buyer…

Today we just sold our Honda.  A couple of years back both myself and my husband took a Dave Ramsey class and have learned how to budget and live within our means.   Prior to the class we had been pretty much living on a paycheck that would fluctuate every month and to be honest we had no idea how to budget in a way that would cover monthly expenses.  So, we used our savings and then credit cards to take care of the lack when the paychecks were smaller.  My husband had a commission only job, at the time, and it was seasonal.  After taking the class we had to re-adjust and work a plan that would kick our debt in the gut.

We’re not perfect, by anyone’s standards, but the both of us have the same goal in the end.  We are definitely trying to attain the goal of being completely debt free.  That, to me, still sounds like a dream but the closer we get to taking down our debt the more I am seeing how possible it is.  Don’t get me wrong, we bought our house and are paying that off in, I believe a 30 year mortgage…but that’s not really what I am talking about.  When I think of debt, I think of credit cards or any personal loans we owe.

Slowly but surely we are chipping away at our credit card debt.  As soon as we would pay one card off we use that money to put towards our next card.  For example our Best buy card; though it had no interest we paid it off early so that we could use the money that we paid the Best buy card with and put it towards the next smallest debt.  That there is the Snow Ball effect.  It works…but at first it seems like a slow process.  Especially starting off.

We took this class a couple years back and with a new baby girl…new expenses came about and it became a slower process to pay down our debt.

We decided we wanted the Snow Ball to be faster and then decided to sell one of our vehicles.  Hence the selling of our Honda.  We have a Jeep and we are praying it lasts till after we are debt free.  We are believing that God will make sure it runs.  Knowing fully that He has the power to keep it running.  It’s a 2002 and has over 150,000 miles; so Yes, we are believing for a miracle. Hehe.  And Yes!  You are Most Welcome to pray with us.

After selling the Honda and using the money to pay off a credit card, we are not out of the woods yet…but we are definitely on the way to FREEDOM!  One day we will be done with borrowing and no longer a slave to the lender! (proverbs 22:7).

We are believing for a Blessed Year!  God will make it so! We are His kids and we know that He wants to bless our socks off!  Amen!


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