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Flooring changes and this new outlook

New flooring; rather new wipe-able floors can be affordable?  Yes it can.  And so many locals are making the change at the same time.  As we shopped around for options we came across quite a few folks that had to do the same thing in changing their flooring because of asthma or other breathing issues.  Wow, were their always this many folks that have asthma that were told to ditch the carpet or am I just noticing because we are having to deal with such a huge lifestyle change?  It kind of reminds of me of when I got my brand new car in 2006…I thought that I have never ever seen this car driving around and once I bought it, that car was everywhere!  And The more folks I talk to about Gavin’s asthma, the more folks open up about their having to re-do their entire floors in their homes.  It just seems like were joining a club of some kind and one we didn’t really try to sign up for.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the hardwood floor look but we also have a little baby who soon will be crawling.  How will she do?  Do I need to buy her some sort of knee socks or pads?  I guess I will find out soon enough.  My husband, Jay, isn’t as busy now as he will be in a few months with business picking up in the summer time.  We are both hoping that we can get this done before then.  Thank the Lord for YouTube.  Who doesn’t like free tutorials?  Right  now we are deciding between going with Costco flooring, which has a $10 off per box coupon or with the Floor and Decor a bit cheaper laminate but it seems like Lowe’s has some better options too.  The difference was price and one type had the attached pad underlay and the other didn’t have an attached pad and would need to be purchased separately.  Oh Decisions, decisions.  No matter what we decide it will be a huge upgrade in quality of life for Gavin and maybe alleviate some of the seasonal allergies that we (mom and dad) have as well.  Here is to better breathing!  I will post before and after photos.  I am not entirely sure when this will be done…so more to come.

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