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The Art of selling baby items on Facebook.

This is one of the posts I made.  And yes it's sold!

This is one of the posts I made. And yes it’s sold! Wahoo!

Social media has made things so easy for mommas to sell to other mommas.  Some time ago, on facebook,  I joined a “craigslist” page for moms and it’s been so helpful.  They are pretty easy to find; just search for baby swaps or market or ask on your Facebook feed.   Folks are really nice to let you know.   Each page has their own rules too like only certain things can be sold on them and you can’t do things like advertise your business on them etc.  Most post their rules on the page and some are extensive.  Be mindful of them because they make it known that you will be deleted if you don’t follow the rules.

Even so, I’ve sold so many things to other mommas this way.  Really as a consumer, I would buy this way as well because you know these items are both being sold at a good deal and that it’s sold by another mom who you can click and look at their profile.   It’s so nice.  Some of the time they will meet you at your house and other times you can meet at some halfway point. …which is alright when you have places to go.  But either way you both decide which is best.  Oh, and if you have to tell them details about meet ups or even where you live then you can use messenger to keep things more private.

Their are the stores that buy your baby items and sell them but I know for a fact that they don’t give you a good deal.   Those companies aren’t bad, they are like any consumer…they want a good deal as well. …the only thing is. ..you can’t negotiate with them.   You either sell it for what they want to buy it for or you walk away.   In my experience, they want to buy your items for very little.  To tell you the truth,  I love to buy from them and I will never sell to them.

So back to the Facebook page.   It’s such a great thing for folks, like moms,  that want to buy at a good deal and help a family out as well as sell their things and get a bit of money.  You still need to be careful and do your research.   Their are things that are ok to ask such as: “Does it come from a pet free and/or smoke free home?”  Also it’s not a good idea to buy car seats and you need to do some of your own research to make sure things aren’t recalled.  I mean, we’re mommas, we are busy and sometimes are not up to date with all the recalls.  And believe me their are so many.  But for me, we have floors to buy.  And I’m getting addicted to letting go.   Haha!  Watch out Gavin…your toys could be next.  Bwahaha.   Better keep your room clean.  Lol!

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  • Aimee February 24, 2015, 10:37 pm

    What do you find to be the easiest way to sell clothing? Do you post pictures of a few items at a time or just a flat rate for a bag of a certain size?
    Thanks for the info =0)

    • TeresaKornahrens March 9, 2015, 7:13 am

      Hi Aimee, I have found the easiest way to sell clothing is by posting photos of the same sorts of items and clustering them together. I give a flat rate for let’s say, a Walmart size bag. But I’ve noticed too that clothing sets sell well when clustered together by size and in a flat rate. I was trying to sell a few things at a time but realized that trying to schedule times for pickup or meeting at locations really didn’t work for me. So I started bundling and selling at prices I knew I would be more or less interested in. I hope that helps!

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