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Arielle totally gained!!! Wahoo

Me, Arielle, and my momma

Me, Arielle, and my momma

Today I went to Baby Arielle’s follow-up appointment for a weight check and she Did in fact Gain weight!  13 Ounces!  Bam!  I continued to use the Basil and Lavender essential oils, but that isn’t enough to take the place of hard work, these essential oils were the needed nutrients that I (a nursing momma) needed.  Things were so different when I had Gavin; I couldn’t nurse him this long at all and that was so heartbreaking for me.  I was asked to stick to feeding her every two hours still and waking her up every 4 at night, but I am not worried…at this point “who needs sleep anyhow?”  It’s a season that needed a day like today to prove that though it’s been tough to accomplish, and stay sane, it’s been fruitful.  Thank the Lord!  I didn’t see the nurse woman who initially asked me to take this serious.  I saw the lactation consultant who had been in contact with me via text.  Isn’t that cool?!  I really like her.  She has been guiding me and has shown so much kindness in my time of inward turmoil.  I know that God put her in my path for such a time as this.  After she performed the weight check and told me she was doing great she did ask me if I wanted to see the nurse and I said “nah.”  I really didn’t need another reason to panic, in case she had a slew of reasons tucked away for when she saw me (or her next victim).  Lol!   Kidding, but really, I know I didn’t have to prove anything to her.  I am doing the best I can.   All momma’s do.  I know we all can think of a time when we felt like our momma’s didn’t do what “we” thought would have been best; but being a momma and taking this day by day and actually living it, It’s clear to me that my momma really did do everything she could.  And she would do anything to make sure we were alright.  And for that I am thankful!  She recently came to visit and today was her last day.  I am so grateful for her and sad that she isn’t here longer.  I hope she feels she had a good trip.  I miss her.  It’s good to bless your momma’s.  We don’t know all the stuff they went through to get us this far….All I know is that it was a lot.  You know how I know?  Cause were alive!  Ha!  Love you momma, glad you got home safe and we pray for you everyday.

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