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Grand Sierra Fun and fiasco :)

966750_655026557846919_2106395742_oRecently we went to the Grand Sierra Casino to watch the $4 matinee of Penguins of Madagascar.  My 5 year old Gavin had been asking about it for a while and so we went and took along his 7 month old sister.  Ack!  Yeah it was crazy.  Thankfully my husband and I tag teamed cause sweet 7 month old Arielle didn’t much care for the dark movie theater, creating sweet mommy and daughter time for practically the entire movie.  Thank GOD that the movie was so cheap.  I would tell you how great or horrible the movie was but I really didn’t see it.  But according to Gavin, it was “cool!”  Afterwards we went to the FunQuest arcade there and played a few games then paid $10 for Tumbletown which is a Mcdonald’s play area on steroids.  Just as I was sitting down to feed Arielle, not 3 minutes after we got into Tumbletown, Gavin neglected to tell us he needed to go to the bathroom and pee’d himself.  My always alert 5 year old who has been potty trained for 3 years now had pee all down his pants to his shoes.  I was in shock.  I really wanted to believe he sat on a puddle and maybe rolled?.  lol.  I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind.  How could I or my husband be really?  The last time he did something like that….was ….I don’t even remember.  But we learned we still need to ask him if he needs to go, especially right before he gets on an obstacle course with no easy exit.  Lesson learned!  For real!

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