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Breastfeeding and sweet baby Arielle didn’t gain any weight :(

Arielle happy awakeI recently went to my kid’s doctor for a checkup.  To be honest my first boy had issues gaining weight and looked like it.  My second (girl) doesn’t look like she is having any issues so I went to this appointment believing that we were going to come out VICTORIOUS!  Whelp…it didn’t happen that way.  🙁  The nurse came in saying “about her weight, I’m getting concerened.”  My first reaction to her was “Umm…I think you have the wrong room.”  She then said “no, Arielle, right?”  I then listened as she stole every bit of air from my lungs as she said this could affect her brain development and something has to happen.  I was in Total Shock!  It couldn’t be.  She is chunky….and that’s exactly how the Nurse Practitioner named her too.  As she said “come here chuncky.”  I was at a loss for words.  Wait, didn’t you just say she needs to gain…yet in the same breathe call her chunky?  I felt like I was living the twilight zone and started to drift off into space.  All the while this woman is telling me that I need to take this serious.  Serious?  I just found out about this….give me a minute lady!  I am literally under so much duress that I can’t think straight.   This juxtapose of this chunky girl gaining weight being an issue was too much for me to take in.  I am a momma of a very active 5 year old and a sweet 7 month old.  I don’t work outside of home and am with these kids 24/7.  Did I miss something?  Was I really living a double life?  Where am I during the day?  Was I really lost in another world while the life my body presides in is sitting here wasting away?  Yeah…no.  I am here.  I am present.  I am living with these sweet kids.  A mom.  A mom who is in love with her little babies and would do anything to make sure nothing ever happens to them.  So, now what?  I got in contact with the Lactation consultant that presided in their office.  She was so kind to me.  I decided to rent a pump and do what they wanted me to do.  Which was feed her every 2 hours…then pump after every feeding for 10 minutes.  All the while I used Doterra’s Basil and Lavender Essential oils to help increase my milk supply.   At first…..nothing.  Then condensation….then Oooh A drop.  Then more drops.  I figured hey I think I am doing Good here.  I am so proud of my little drops.  Dang it!  After a bit it was about 1/4 an ounce…then wait….drops.  NO!!!  I texted the lactation consultant and she assured me that Arielle was most likely taking the increase.  The result after 16 days….Success!  I went in to do a weight check and She gained 10 ounces.  I felt so good.  I mean SO Good.   For some reason it really validated in my mind that I am a Good momma and I try really hard to do the right things.  And how dare that lady let me get to a point where I questioned the quality of my motherhood.  Never again!  Thank the Lord for sweet Victory.  It’s day by day here.  But their my days.  I love this Life.  It’s a sweet life and its mine.

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