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A New Way to Spring Clean: Day 1

With the weather getting warmer I am getting more and more excited to get outside.  But mostly because winter has a tendency to help my house accumulate dust.  Oh yes, and having kids items change with the season such as clothing and even toys its, time to decide what stays and what goes.

Create a List: The easiest way to get started is to start a List.   Yes, a big or small one (your choice) Mine is pretty long hehe.  It serves as a physical place to harbor my thoughts so they don’t continue to bother me (only because I know I forget things so so so easy, and things like this are important so my mind will go crazy till I write it down).  Use this as a checklist to help move things along.

Let the kids get involved too!!  Yes, kids can help and often times they love to do so.  Make it age appropriate; for example, my 5 year old Gavin thinks it is fun to wipe down the baseboards, or even spray the stair spindles and cabinets (kitchen and bathroom) and wipe them down, or helps to divide clothes that he wears and doesn’t anymore.  Here is a GREAT non-toxic recipe that I use, make, and it actually works:

All Purpose Cleaner 2

Focus, Focus, Focus:  Try to stay focused.  I am preaching to the choir here.  I clean on a tangent.  Haha!!!  I start one thing (maybe dishes) then think of something else (like wow this drying towel looks dirty, maybe I should wash some laundry), then I go do that thing (like laundry), leaving the dishes half done.  Oh and adding mom into the madness It turns into lunch time, then naptime (which isn’t really nap time but, fight to sleep time) snack time….  Aye Yaye Yaye!  Focusing is something I will one day be able to master…quite possibly more-so in dreamland.  Ha!  But If I were to focus and stay on task I can actually do more of a deep cleaning and get to spring cleaning at a much faster, more efficient rate than ever before.  Yes, I am dreaming again….  But it is a beautiful dream.

Put the darn phone down!:  It’s So Easy to deviate on a task when Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, you name it; is ever before you.  PUT it down!  Set it aside… or even Lord help you to turn the thing off, if you could withstand the torture, and get to work.  If this sounds like a lot…Let’s maybe do time limits.  Ha!  Set a time limit as to how long you will clean and either use your cell like a REAL phone and act like it’s connected to the wall (weird, I know) and only answer it when you get a call or simply turn it off within your pre-set time period.  You will thank me later….or cry, yeah maybe cry.

Turn off the TV:  No talk show is going to help you focus on cleaning.  Granted, if your music is on your TV then ok…Crank that thing up!  But if you find yourself struggling to sit in one spot for the designated time period…Turn it off!  No Distractions!  You can do this!

De-Cluttering makes you happy!: Well the end result of reacquiring much needed space in the house is enough to make me do the happy dance.  Ha!.  Making things personal is the enemy.  That movie I don’t watch anymore that so and so gave me does not need to stick around…nor does that jacket, that was so 5 years ago, that I forgot was in my closet.  Sell, Donate, Trash.  Money from a sale will make me happier than that jacket I forgot that I had.  hehe.

Roll up the Sleeves and Scrub: Set your time and begin deep cleaning.  Start with the areas that need more attention and a really good scrubbing (kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets, cleaning the carpet, ceiling fans, windows, ovens, blinds, and fridge.  Once those are done, move to daily or weekly tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.  Use your list.  It’s your BFF now.




Moms on a Budget….An Awesome Grocery tip or two.

While we are paying down debt we are aware that we need to keep a tight reign on what we spend….even so when its on food.  Groceries can be a huge way to make or break a budget.  A Great way to save is to buy food from the grocery store that you actually like and eat out very little.  Now, as a mom, I love to eat out; I don’t cook or have to clean the kitchen afterwards.  So I know how hard it is to stick to that plan.  But in order for us to reach this very attainable goal of being debt free, we can and will stick to it. Hey we have cheat days…we have to have those. hehe.  We stick to 3 places to shop the majority of our groceries….Costco, Target, and Walmart.

Costco is not only a great place to go to get full on samples (great when having a picky eater that seems to think that there is better food at Costco than at home hehe), but it’s also a great place to save on fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, and most everyday items.  We buy the majority of our groceries here.  When shopping here we always, always, look to see what the coupons are.  Costco doesn’t accept Manufactured coupons but they offer, every month, their own coupons.  We have saved so much on coffee, cereals, snacks, household items, etc.  Because the fruits and veggies are in bulk, they go bad quicker than most regular size families can eat them so it’s not a bad idea to go halfsies with someone.  That way you can get the fruits and veggies you want without seeing them die in your fridge because they weren’t eaten quickly enough.

I don’t much care for fresh meat to be frozen so we usually buy a couple days worth of meat at a time.  So when we are at Costco we buy only one type of fresh protein.  At home, for example, we eat let’s say chicken for 3 days in a row.  We totally have to find ways to change things up so we don’t think we are eating the same meal every night.  Ha!  For salad we also buy spinach because we know that if it’s almost that time where it’s seeming to start to go bad, it’s time to place it in the skillet and make some sort of stir fry or creamed spinach or even put it in soups or cooked meats.  Romaine and iceberg lettuce don’t allow for the same options.  When their bad, their bad and there’s no salvaging it.

Target has some great ways to save.  They offer coupons and have an app for your phone which gives additional savings as well.  The coupons are at the target website and can be chosen and printed off.  The target app is called Cartwheel and paired with the weekly ad and the printed coupons can save some big money.  Every Sunday target comes up with their new target ads and based on what we need I adjust where we shop based on the three savings here.

Target has a markdown schedule that’s pretty easy to follow as well.   It varies by store but our local stores seem to follow these markdown rules pretty well.  Depending on what you need, it’s a great way to save.  Here is the schedule. ..

Target Markdown Schedule 2

These markdowns happen approximately 2 weeks and offer discounts of 15/30/50/70%.  I’ve also seen 80% off as well.   At Holiday time this sequence of discounts happen every 2 days.

One more thing about Target : hehe.   The tags here tell you if they will be discounted again. …Cool huh!  So if the clearance red price ends in .06 cents or .08 cents this item will be discounted again.    If the price ends in .04 cents that’s all it will clearance down to. However, for a busy momma, I tend to buy it when I see it.

Walmart is a great place to buy as well.  Like target they offer coupons that can be printed from their website.  Walmart has an app as well but it isn’t a coupon app.  It’s more of a get your savings after the fact app.  The app for your phone is called Savings Catcher.  It checks a certain amount of competitive stores and if their are cheaper prices elsewhere they give you the difference in an In-App giftcard.  Not a bad idea but I like to know what I am saving before I get there.  So I don’t shop this way often.  It’s not a bad idea, I’ve just not used it much.

To sum up the fun it’ important to:

  1. Figure out your basic foods; meat, veggies, fruit, cereals, that you actually like.
  2. Review and think about which stores you buy those certain things (Example: do you buy meat at Walmart? or Safeway? or Costco?)
  3. Look at weekly ads if available
  4. See if their are any coupons or Apps that give additional savings.
  5. Print your coupons/bring your phone
  6. Eat at home and keep your money. Ha!

We can do this!!!  I’d love to hear your tips too.  I am all about saving money.  It doesn’t have to be hard to do.  Just find what is best for you and stick with it.  You can do it too!


Baby Girl can sit up and crawl! Eek!!!

Sweet Arielle can sit up and has finally understood the art of Crawling.  And that means, at the grocery store, we can ditch the baby car seat as well as the baby carrier. Now I love that baby carrier but my sweet girl is really getting big and the weight of her on my back is a bit much. I mean she is in front of me but my back just can’t handle carrying her around too long.  So I embrace gladly her sitting up so well….not so much the crawling everywhere.

I LOVE Costco, well I LOVE their shopping carts.  With Gavin being little still and Arielle sitting up so well I am able to place the both of them in the cart.  Before, when Arielle was in her car seat, while at the grocery store she would cry and get upset that she couldn’t see anything.  I would also place her in the carrier too and that helped.  Now that she is big she is loving being able to see as well as sitting next to her brother.  Yay!  Grocery shopping isn’t a nightmare anymore.  She loves sitting next to her brother but I think she is more ecstatic about being able to see anywhere her heart desires to turn her head.  hehe.


I remember when Gavin was a baby and how we wanted so badly for him to get moving and start crawling.  We also remember how quickly he got around and got into things we wished he didn’t.  At that time we lived in a small apartment with very little storage places.  I also remember that he didn’t crawl long, if at all, and he would mostly push himself upwards on furniture and walk along the couch or coffee table.  We changed our minds quickly on how fast we wanted sweet baby girl to get around.  Ha!

Well now she is crawling and crawling really well.  We decided to blockade her in the living room.  She isn’t really interested in the stairs yet but she loves the kitchen.  Maybe that’s something to keep my eye on later.  hehe.  We have wonderful, very spendy, toys laid out in front of her and she is more interested in some dollar store measuring spoons, tissue paper (used for wrapping), or crazy pieces of who knows what on the floor.  She definitely reminds me to vacuum every day.  She plays with her toys but for some reason the silliest things keep her attention.

With her need to move and learn and play we will stay busy and keep an eye on her as she takes on the world in our house and elsewhere.  There’s fun to be had.  Let the fun begin!



So you know what you want to be when you grow up?

So, my sweet 5 year old Gavin already believes he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.  I know that his mind isn’t made up and his thoughts will change most likely with every day that passes, but it’s fun to see what today holds.  I love to ask him questions because I daily live the show “Kid’s say the darndest things.”  He says the BEST things.  I probably can have a book of Gavin sayings.  Ha!  So when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he told me with no hesitation that he wanted to “post videos on YouTube”.  While he was setting up his scenery and props I asked, “Is that a job?”   And he said “Yeah, If you record good videos then someone will pay you.”  Then he said “We need to record me opening my Easter eggs.”

So I got my phone out and recorded him as he opened his eggs.  He wanted right away to watch what he had just done and what I recorded.  I had no idea how serious he was until he watched his little video and then immediately turned the dining room light on and asked me to re-record him.  Haha!  So, I did and he re-watched it and then said “Umm, I think for Christmas I am going to have to get a camera.”  I laughed so hard!  I can’t believe that came out of his mouth.  I kept thinking Wow your 5!  Sweet boy….The dollar store is suppose to be cool still.  Crayons are suppose to be cool…  Lord knows I was hoping that inexpensive supplies like paint, blank paper, balls, gardening tools and even a bike still made his day.    Ok, so he still loves them, but come on….A Camera?!  Hahahah!!!!  I never dreamed of having one at 5 years old.

So because this is new territory for me and probably everyone in my generation and before I will just pray, have fun, and go with.  For sure being a mom in this day and age of social media needs lots of God and innocent fun; and of course prayer against all the negative that comes with social media.  But for now….as a mom of today….Let the fun begin!


Incentives with doTerra enrollment kits!

doTerra has some Great kits that help you get jump started into healthy living.  Essential oils are real and we use them daily.   I have always considered myself to be pretty conservative and have tried my best to stay clear of the next big thing.   Mostly because I don’t have the money for fads or trends that aren’t lasting.

With a growing family and the weighted responsibility of having kids and living in the world today, I am always concerned about what is in my house.   Whether it be chemicals under my cabinet or the medicines in my medicine drawers.  Having said this, I have great experience with these essential oils and now use them everyday and even in some creative ways.   I never knew how passionate I’d be about these until it hit that I was actually seeing improvements and or was completely replacing products altogether.

So in an effort to tell you something I wish myself would have realized months ago…I will be talking about these amazing money saving kits that have some of the coolest incentives.

The first kit is the

Diamond kit:



This enrollment kit is the King of kits!  It comes with Every product that doTerra makes.   The reason to get this kit is :

  • You save $730.93 on this order
  • You receive 400 points back in product credit from doTerra. (once you place a 100PV order the month following enrollment).
  • You get 25% back in product credit on every future order from now on.
  • You save 25% off every purchase from now on.

Now because knowledge is power I will sweeten the deal and buy you the Modern Essentials hardcover book.   This book is a user friendly book that shows you how to use the oils.  Yay!!! A user manual that is user friendly.  You will love it!

You will also be a part of a great team of leaders that will help navigate you; whether you are just changing your lifestyle or turning this into a business opportunity.

I’m telling you that these oils speak for themselves.   And there are so many folks like us that are trying to find healthy alternatives.

The next kit is the:

Every Oil Kit:



This kit comes with Every oil that doTerra makes.   It’s a great way to get started on creating your own blends and this kit makes it easy to use these oils daily because everything is at your fingertips.  And with this kit you:

  • Save $284.70
  • You get a Carrying case
  • A Diffuser
  • Every oil that doTerra makes
  • You get 200 points in product credit (once you place a 100PV order the month following enrollment)
  • You receive 20% back in product credits on all future orders
  • You will save 25% off retail products from here on out.

In this kit I will purchase the Modern Essentials hardcover as well.  This book goes over everyday ailments such as allergies to colds, and the flu.  It also goes over huge ailments too.  Our bodies are amazing working machines and if we give it what it needs then it will heal.  That is what is So Amazing!  It gives new meaning to “we were fearfully and wonderfully made.”

You will also be a part of a great team of leaders that will help navigate you; whether you are just changing your lifestyle or turning this into a business opportunity.

The next kit is:

The Natural Solutions Kit:



This kit includes some of the more popular items that doTerra offers.  It’s still a big kit but it’s more manageable and carries incentives with it as well.

In this kit:

  • You save $113.25
  • A wooden carry case
  • A Diffuser
  • Some of doTerra’s favorite products
  • You get 100 points in product credit (once you place a 100PV order the month following enrollment)
  • You receive 15% back in product credits on all future orders
  • You will save 25% off retail products from here on out.

In this kit I will purchase the Modern Essentials hardcover too!  I am telling you that this is my favorite book.  I just know you will love it too.

You will also be a part of a great team of leaders that will help navigate you; whether you are just changing your lifestyle or turning this into a business opportunity.

I am excited to start this journey with you!  What an amazing world that God has made.  I am so thankful to have been turned upside down.  I never thought I would be here.  doTerra essential oils work so well in my family that I will try my best to make sure I always have it available to us.  And the business route enables that to happen.

If you choose to go this route
Your welcome to go to my web page: mydoterra.com/teresakornahrens

There you can make your order; either retail or wholesale.  If you choose to do wholesale click on Join and then click wholesale and fill out the forms.  Easy peasy.  You are on the way to healthy living.

Let’s Celebrate!




Scheels! Kids love it too!

Scheels fun!

Scheels fun!

Scheels can be a Great place for kids.  This place has games, a ferris wheel, ice cream, and a kids klub (which is free).   If you have little funds or just don’t want to spend much this is a great place to visit.

The Ferris wheel is a daddy and son event. …but mostly because I would need to hold my son the entire time on this thing just to keep him safe.  Hehe.  Yup, keep him safe;  Ok,  I am scared of heights and those seats sway.  Eeewww.  So I’m not going on that thing.  It costs only  $1 per rider.  And you purchase the token at the register.  Gavin loves the wooden tokens.  He also loves using them like money and when it’s their time to enter the gate he happily gives his tokens away.

Ferris wheel tokens!

Ferris wheel tokens!

Afterwards we went to the kids shoe area.  Hehe…but not to try on shoes.  In this area they have a play structure.  I carried Arielle so she could see her brother climbing the structure and then once he went down the slide his sister would giggle so loudly.   How fun!   And free!

Among the free or inexpensive activities like bowling, putting, and kick ball, they also host a Kids Klub.  And they are hosting tonight March 16th at 6pm.  And it’s for the first 100 kids 4-12 years old.   The kids that participate get a free ferris wheel ride as well.  And tonight is all about Leperchauns!  They will do a craft and follow the rainbow hehe.  This Kids Klub is free!  So after all the fun it’s a great idea to head to Gramma Ginna’s Restaurant and Fudge Shop for some great fudge or gelato.

Love this place!   Great place to buy and great place to play with kids on a budget.

If you want more information…

Here is the link: Kids Klub


Gavin’s favorite day. Marches Mail Order box of fun

Gavin Loves to check the mail and today he found this month’s Green Kid Craft box waiting with his name on it.  I love how excited he was when he came back in the house with his daddy.  With the box in hand, he yelled “Wahoo, mom, I got a new green box of activities!”  This time the activities were centered around Music and the science of sound waves and vibration.  It included three baggies with separate instructions on how to make 5 different instruments.  These instructions had information on sound facts.  Like, sound waves are invisible energy that travel by vibrating the air around it.  It even talks about kinetic energy and gives fun facts about things you would see in the world around you like lightening and thunder and how sound travels at different speed.  There is so much information on these little cards.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

The first baggie had instructions on how to make ankle bells.  He went right to it and beaded his wooden beads and little bells and wanted to place it on his ankle; like the instructions say.  Haha!  I asked if he tried to do a pattern and he just said no I want to make music fast.  Hey, not a bad idea.  So I fastened that beaded string onto his ankle and it was music time.

Ankle music! Hehe

Ankle music! Hehe

After a few songs and stomps and shakes, it was onto the next project which was the Finger Cymbals. I cut up that box and he carefully placed the bottle caps onto the cardboard so as to make sure the bottle caps touched; to make sound.  He clacked them together and called himself a crab.  Haha!  I thought Flamenco but crab will do.  There is no arguing with a kid that is having fun.  And being a crab is more fun.

He played with both the ankle bells and “crab fingers” for a few more songs.  We then went onto the next project which had us use the box that I had cut up.  Gavin placed the rubber bands around the box and made himself a little guitar.  With this project he got to hear how each rubber band gave off a different pitch based on how tight the band was around the box.  I had him close his eyes and he got to guess if I strummed the same string or if it was a different one.  I love how fun this age is.

Next project was the Maraca making one.  Here while making his maraca he got to hear about kinetic energy and how volume is produced by the amount of force used to get the sound vibrations going.  He filled his little egg with beans and we taped his egg to some spoons.  He placed some stickers onto his Maraca and Voila.  A rhythm machine.

At this point it was time to get baby sister up from her nap, feed her and then it was Jam time!  I hope you enjoy the video as we enjoy the homemade instruments that came in the mail today.  Heck, even I look forward to these boxes.

After the Jam time we promptly, at the begging of my sweet boy, went and finished the last instrument which was the Kazoo.  The card explained more on vibrations and sound, but to Gavin it was just about making music and there is just nothing wrong with that.  Love it!

If you are in the market for something different and fun for kids then this is a good thing to keep in mind.  Good things can come in the mail…hehe and not just junk mail or monthly paper bills.

Link to Green Kid Crafts: Green Kids crafts.


Picky Picky: Mealtime with a 5 year old.

My picky sweet angel boy,  Gavin

My picky sweet angel boy, Gavin

I don’t claim to be a chef.  I also don’t believe I am the worst cook in the world.  Ha!  So when I hear my sweet angel boy say things like “yuck” or looks in the pantry for other things to eat while his dinner is on the table; I try not to get offended.  Ok, so I try not to stay offended.  Come on, it’s hard to please every pallet in one meal.

And no, sweet boy, you cannot have cookies for dinner!  I too wish I could have cookies for dinner…but as a mom and someone who is responsible for another human other than myself; cookies cannot sufficiently keep you alive or keep your sweet brain functioning at the capacity God intended.  And they won’t keep me alive and functioning so I can take care of you to keep you growing up and healthy.  But how do I tell my little one, who is so desperate to not eat his dinner, that every food group is represented in this meal and it’s all for your benefit?  For real!  Cross my heart, hope to die.

I have made so many dishes too and mostly with him in mind and still it’s a knock down drag.  Or even a bribe…”if you eat your broccoli, you can get some ice cream.”  Wow, before I had kids I totally said I’d never ever be that lady who begged and bribed her kids to eat good food…I would say to myself, “my kids will naturally be amazing and good all the time; their going to listen to me and eat everything in front of them.”…Ha!!!  Having kids in the present and dreaming of them are like living Alternate Universes.  Dreams are one thing…Reality another.

OH MY LORD!  Why must every meal be like WWE?  Ack!  I want to pull every hair from my head when he says “I’m not hungry for that!” or “I am going to look in here for something to eat.”  Umm…no!  You are going to eat this Dang meal that took approximately 30 minutes to make while your sister was screaming on the floor!  A momma can only take so much.  30 Minute meals are the longest I can take before it just goes downhill for my brain.  I mean, I just can’t listen to my babies cry for prolong periods of time before my heart hurts so bad from the pain they must be feeling.

By the way, Arielle is fine.  She is learning to crawl and hates…I mean hates to be put down.  So yeah tummy time isn’t her greatest moment.  hehe.  But the girl has got to learn to crawl, right?  Forward crawling isn’t going so well…but backward is.  Haha!  Not sure how to propel her to go forward.  I’ve placed toys in front of her and she tries to reach for them then inches backwards.  Eeeek.  It’s so cute.  So practicing is what we will do.

So back to my Sweet Angel boy, Gavin.  He eats like a bird and Loves fruit, cheese, crackers, lunch meat, yogurt, and all kids food (or nuggets, French fries, hamburgers, and any easily graspable finger like foods).  By the time dinner hits, I figure, he should be hungry.  Well, actually he should be Starving!  So why is it amazingly easy for him to deny himself the sustenance he needs to have the energy to play?  Is there an easier way?  I refuse to fix two different meals.  I don’t think my heart can take listening to baby Arielle cry for longer than the allotted 30 minutes I have to fix a dinner.

One day, I hear, it will get easier.  But for now, it’s a war zone!  And everyday is a battlefield and this momma has to use her wit to get through the day.  And yes, It’s exhausting.  I look forward to naptime and bedtime…it’s then that I LOVE my kids to my hearts capacity.  Cause in their sleep; God allows me to see how perfect they are.  And it helps to rejuvenate me to go onto the next moment.  And for sure this momma lives moment to moment.  It’s by His strength that I can do this and He gives me enough to make it through.  And yes, I can do this!!!



Breastfeeding? Insurance may be your friend :)

If you Breastfeed then you might want to know that your Insurance might pay for you a new breast pump.  The Lactation Consultant told me that I needed to give my insurance a call and see.   I called and I will be getting mine pretty soon.  All I needed was a prescription.  Oh and even though I was asked to get a breast pump through insurance by the Pediatric lactation consultant, my insurance wanted my OBGYN to do the prescribing.  I was like…umm…ok.

Wow, I can’t believe this is really true!  Was this the case when Gavin was a baby?  I bought one then and I told the lactation consultant that I still had it from 5 years prior and she said it was not to be trusted.   She said that the machine that runs it may not run as efficiently as it did when I first purchased it.  I spent a pretty penny and kinda believed it would last forever.  Really!  Forever!

Formula is so Expensive!  I mean really crazy expensive.  There are programs like WIC to pay for formula, among other things, but for those that make too much or make just enough to be over the income requirement “line”, it’s hard to pay for both diapers, wipes, formula, toys, food, clothing, baby gates, and everything else that babies and kids need.

Breast pumps are expensive as well.  Well the ones that you want anyhow.  I am getting the Medela In Style Pump, which is what the insurance said they would send to me.  This certain pump is sold for anywhere from $140 and up!  If you decide to rent a pump the hospitals have them for rent as well.  I rented mine for about 3 weeks and it cost $20 per week.

The ones that are rented from the hospital are different however.  The ones from there are hospital grade.  They are heavy duty.  hehe…Emphasis on heavy.  The hospital one even comes in a really embarrassing bright green container.  Kinda reminds me of the machine that Will Smith was trying to sell in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  But this one is Neon green.  Not exactly a machine you want to take places.

The Breast pumps that you can buy at retail stores come in pretty bags now.  They can look like backpacks or purses.  Or they come without the backpack or purse and you can place it inside of your own bag.  This makes it stylish and not so noticeable.  I don’t know about you…but I don’t want to be the center of any kind of attention like that.  I mean I might have kids food smeared on my t-shirt or hair; I really don’t need another reason to be noticed for.  I just want to go on my momma way.

The Honest truth is that The Price for feeding babies are just plain spendy.  If you can get a break by calling your insurance and for them to pick up the tab to help with breast feeding; then go for it!  It’s totally worth a shot.  Even if you have to wait a long time to talk to someone from your insurance company.  Or you finally get a hold of them and they give you another phone number to call too.  I know, us mommas are busy but we also can use a hand.  This would both help a momma out and keep money in the pocket.


Oregano Power? Oh Yeah!

Oregano EO

Herbs are good for cooking and flavoring food but did you know that the herb Oregano can be used to Support the Immune System?  Yes!

Oregano Essential oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally.

For Kids and Expecting Momma’s use this with extreme caution or Dilute it HEAVILY!  If you are going to use it don’t use it on kiddos under 6.  And try it on the reflex points on the feet.

We placed Oregano in fillable capsules that we got on Amazon and have used it to relieve occasional yeast overgrowth in the gut.  Everyone has yeast but for those with too much it can cause things like thrush and even digestion problems.

Crazy thing about Oregano is that it’s a “HOT” oil.  Meaning you can totally get a crazy burn from just placing the oil directly onto your skin.  Who ever heard of an Oregano burn?  hehe.  Well it’s Real!  Take it from me.  If you choose to use it topically it’s a Good idea to dilute it with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.  The Ratio is 1 Oregano drop to 3 drops of Carrier oil… so 1:3 ratio.  Because I am allergic to pain, hehe, I do a ratio of about 1:5 or better; but it will not change the effectiveness of it…just makes sure there is no pain).

For those that are Diffuser Fanatics…only use 1 drop.  It is So So So Strong!

Take one drop daily to boost immunity when seasonal threats are high.  Rub Oregano essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil on the bottom of your feet to help boost your immune system.   Put one drop in place of dried oregano in spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, or on a roast.  Put 10 drops in a 16-ounce spray bottle with water for a surface spray.  Mix one to two drops with water and gargle to soothe an irritated throat.

For Recipes that call for Oregano, use the toothpick method.  I have a friend who placed a whole drop in her dish and the dish was so hot that she had to toss it.  So if you don’t want to toss your dinner out, use a toothpick.  Just place your toothpick on the bottle dropper and swish the toothpick onto your food while cooking and it comes out perfect.

Marinara Sauce recipe

Oregano essential oil blends well with Basil, Fennel, Geranium, Lemongrass, Thyme, and Rosemary.

In the New York Times there was an article about a chicken farm that used Oregano oil to help support the immune system.  To me, that’s really cool! click here for the New York Times article


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