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Oregano Power? Oh Yeah!

Oregano EO

Herbs are good for cooking and flavoring food but did you know that the herb Oregano can be used to fight fungal infections?  Yes, along with being a powerful anti-fungal; Oregano Essential Oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, as well as anti-infectious.  For those cold and flu sufferers looking for a more natural remedy; it’s also anti-viral.

Oregano Essential oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally.

For Kids and Expecting Momma’s use this with extreme caution or Dilute it HEAVILY!  If you are going to use it don’t use it on kiddos under 6.  And try it on the reflex points on the feet.

We placed Oregano in fillable capsules that we got on Amazon and have used it to help treat Candida, which is a yeast overgrowth in the gut.  Everyone has yeast but for those with too much it can cause things like thrush and even digestion problems.

Crazy thing about Oregano is that it’s a “HOT” oil.  Meaning you can totally get a crazy burn from just placing the oil directly onto your skin.  Who ever heard of an Oregano burn?  hehe.  Well it’s Real!  Take it from me.  If you choose to use it topically it’s a Good idea to dilute it with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.  The Ratio is 1 Oregano drop to 3 drops of Carrier oil… so 1:3 ratio.  Because I am allergic to pain, hehe, I do a ratio of about 1:5 or better; but it will not change the effectiveness of it…just makes sure there is no pain).

Some Topical uses for Oregano include Viral Infections, Fungal Infections, Canker Sores, Athlete’s foot, Ringworm, Calluses, Warts, Immune system kick starter, as well as Candida (or yeast overgrowth in your gut).  There are other reasons to use Oregano; these seemed pretty normal.

For those that are Diffuser Fanatics…only use 1 drop.  It is So So So Strong!  Some Aromatic uses are Fungal Infections, Pneumonia, and Immune stimulator.

For Recipes that call for Oregano, use the toothpick method.  I have a friend who placed a whole drop in her dish and the dish was so hot that she had to toss it.  So if you don’t want to toss your dinner out, use a toothpick.  Just place your toothpick on the bottle dropper and swish the toothpick onto your food while cooking and it comes out perfect.

Marinara Sauce recipe

Oregano essential oil blends well with Basil, Fennel, Geranium, Lemongrass, Thyme, and Rosemary.

In the New York Times there was an article about a chicken farm that used Oregano oil to help fight off infections without the use of antibiotics.  To me, that’s really cool! click here for the New York Times article



March Doterra Great Promotions

March 2015 Promotion Photo

For those that want to turn to more natural remedies and want to get started with a kit to save some money; or continue their use of essential oils;  this month, with a 200 pv order, you get a 5ml Deep Blue soothing blend as well as the Deep Blue soothing blend rub.  If you order before the 15th you also get 15ml Wild Orange free with your order.  

So let’s say you get a Home Essentials kit for $275 with it you get: 


Enrollment $35 (like Costco so you can buy at wholesale all year)

 15ml Frankincense ($93 retail) ($69.75 wholesale)

15ml Melaleuca ($25.33 retail) ($19 wholesale)

15ml Breathe ($26.66 retail) ($20 wholesale)

15ml Lavender ($28 retail) ($21 wholesale)

15ml Oregano ($32 retail) ($24 wholesale)

15ml OnGuard ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

15ml Digestzen ($41.33 retail) ($31 wholesale)

15ml Lemon ($13.33 retail) ($10 wholesale)

15ml Peppermint ($27.33 retail) ($20.50 wholesale)

5ml Deep Blue ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

Petal Diffuser ($66.67 retail) ($50 wholesale)

With the Promotion this month you get:

Another 5ml Deep Blue ($42.67 retail) ($32 wholesale)

Deep Blue Rub ($39 retail) ($29.25 wholesale)

15ml Wild Orange ($14 retail) ($10.50 wholesale)

And Because I believe that knowledge is power I will send to you the Modern Essentials Handbook ($16.88 retail) too!

So for $275 you get all these and in Total you Save : $311.54 Retail!!!!!   And $177.88 Wholesale SAVINGS!!!


The 15ml bottles have 250 drops and the 5ml bottles have 80 drops…Now for each application you only use about 2-3 drops.  And so long as you keep your oils in a cabinet they will last forever! Cool huh!

If you are looking for Natural remedies with NO Side affects, Let’s Talk.  This is a great example of a way to get started.  I recommend kits because they save you money.  I didn’t start off with a kit (because I just didn’t believe in how great these were) but I often kick myself because I paid the enrollment twice in that I bought this Home Essentials kit after I paid the enrollment ($35 membership) in order to start paying wholesale prices.  Essential oils are real!  Can’t wait till you see too.  I am obsessed and at the same time so thankful.

Wholesale is the way to go!  You save 25%.

Your welcome to go to my web page: mydoterra.com/teresakornahrens

There you can make your order; either retail or wholesale.  If you choose to do wholesale click on Join and then click wholesale and fill out the forms.  Easy peasy.  You are on the way to healthy living.

I love questions.  I really am obsessed.  Really because I have seen what these little bottles can do in our everyday lives…things such as asthma issues, allergies, anxiety, tummy issues (even indigestion/heartburn), skin care, you name it!   You’re welcome to message me.  I would love to talk to you.


Side note: essential oils are paired with our bodies natural ability to heal itself.  I say, give it the nutrients it needs and let your body do the rest!

Talk to you soon!  Can’t wait!


Little couch change; Big results…

Old Microfiber couch

Old Microfiber couch

We recently sold our couch. We sold the couch on Sunday and bought a couch on Thursday.   Though it was Gavin’s Asthma and Allergy doctor who prompted the sell (which is part of the agreement to do all wipe-able surfaces)…we were sure glad to do so.  That couch was un-comfy, easily stained, and hard to clean.  Hehe.  Everytime you go to sit on it the cushions would come out from under us.  It was great for making forts though. ..which was a normal occurance as well as easy to do because the cushions were always on the ground and readily accessible.

We bought it about 6 years ago believing in the allure of microfiber and scotch guarding.  We were told that if we scotch guarded the couch then stains would easily come off.  Umm…easy for who?   Not us.  Or maybe they meant stains would easily attract to the couch.  Or that stains would easily show and stick around.  That’s what would happen.  Even water would stain the couch.  Yeah, Water!  All my Microfiber friends know what I am talking about.  hehe.

So, yes!  We were Happy to see it go.  No more cushions strewn on the floor.  No more scrubbing water off the couch with rubbing alcohol.  Or seriously scrubbing the little crumbs left behind by my little snacker.  No more pain in the neck while watching television due to the escaping cushions.  I think 6 years of aggravation was a good run at giving it a shot.

We had a certain amount set aside just for a couch purchase.  We were looking at places like Big Lots or RC Willey but didn’t find what we wanted.  My sister in law had been screening craigs for us and she saw a recent listing of a La-Z-Boy couch that reclines.  She has a reclining couch and I made mention that it sure would be nice to have one.   Oh, By the way, she is single handedly the best person I know to look up things on craigslist.  She has the ability to find things, buy them, and turn them around for profit.  All by just screening craigslist, buying, and cleaning up an item or altering it somehow to make it more appealing to buyers.  She can make money from the craziest things.  God gave her serious abilities.  Are there more people like this out there?  I don’t know anyone else.  So whenever I need serious items like a couch per say, she is definitely capable of finding a good deal.  She was on it, and gave me the information on this listing, which I loved the pictures of and I emailed quickly and here is the result:

Upgraded La-Z-Boy recliner couch and chair

Upgraded La-Z-Boy recliner couch and chair

I’d say she did a Fantastic job!

Coming from a Pest Control family, there are things you need to watch out for when buying from places like Craigslist…such as my biggest fear of all…bed bugs.  Thank the Lord I know a guy who knows a thing or two about it (i.e.. my husband).  My sister in law has a guy too as she married into the same family.  For those that don’t have the same connection…take a white napkin (or a few) and when buying couches, or furniture, rub along the seams with it.  If you see red…run.  Though it’s not fool proof…it’s a better option than none.

I personally don’t recommend buying used mattresses.  Or couches from a sketchy neighborhood, but to each their own.  We got lucky; this couch was from a Really nice house in a really nice area.  They were moving to another custom built house, didn’t want to take their “old” couch, all the while trying to put a little cash in their daughter’s pocket before she headed to Pharmacy school.  I think that was a Win-Win for both of us.


Goodbye Honda; Goodbye Debt.

Happy Buyer...

Happy Buyer…

Today we just sold our Honda.  A couple of years back both myself and my husband took a Dave Ramsey class and have learned how to budget and live within our means.   Prior to the class we had been pretty much living on a paycheck that would fluctuate every month and to be honest we had no idea how to budget in a way that would cover monthly expenses.  So, we used our savings and then credit cards to take care of the lack when the paychecks were smaller.  My husband had a commission only job, at the time, and it was seasonal.  After taking the class we had to re-adjust and work a plan that would kick our debt in the gut.

We’re not perfect, by anyone’s standards, but the both of us have the same goal in the end.  We are definitely trying to attain the goal of being completely debt free.  That, to me, still sounds like a dream but the closer we get to taking down our debt the more I am seeing how possible it is.  Don’t get me wrong, we bought our house and are paying that off in, I believe a 30 year mortgage…but that’s not really what I am talking about.  When I think of debt, I think of credit cards or any personal loans we owe.

Slowly but surely we are chipping away at our credit card debt.  As soon as we would pay one card off we use that money to put towards our next card.  For example our Best buy card; though it had no interest we paid it off early so that we could use the money that we paid the Best buy card with and put it towards the next smallest debt.  That there is the Snow Ball effect.  It works…but at first it seems like a slow process.  Especially starting off.

We took this class a couple years back and with a new baby girl…new expenses came about and it became a slower process to pay down our debt.

We decided we wanted the Snow Ball to be faster and then decided to sell one of our vehicles.  Hence the selling of our Honda.  We have a Jeep and we are praying it lasts till after we are debt free.  We are believing that God will make sure it runs.  Knowing fully that He has the power to keep it running.  It’s a 2002 and has over 150,000 miles; so Yes, we are believing for a miracle. Hehe.  And Yes!  You are Most Welcome to pray with us.

After selling the Honda and using the money to pay off a credit card, we are not out of the woods yet…but we are definitely on the way to FREEDOM!  One day we will be done with borrowing and no longer a slave to the lender! (proverbs 22:7).

We are believing for a Blessed Year!  God will make it so! We are His kids and we know that He wants to bless our socks off!  Amen!



Mail order Kid’s crafts….oh Yeah!

20150207_101152For Christmas Gavin got, from Grandma Sherry, a monthly subscription to Green Kids crafts.  Gavin loves helping get the mail and absolutely loved having a box say his name on it.  How fun for him and for me to see his eyes light up.  It’s a box that comes in the mail with 3 to 4 crafts that have the same theme.   Even within the 3 to 4 crafts there are more fun things to do.  Today it was “Safari Science.”  Along with the crafts and kid friendly experiments (hands on) there was so much information.  This kit of projects was about African habitats.

20150207_110635One project he did was the scratch board one where he drew some different African landscapes and placed animal stickers in the places that they live.  Come on,  who doesn’t love stickers?  This same project had another scratch board that he got to stencil camouflage patterns.  He had fun guessing which animal had those patterns.  There was also instructions on how to make your own scratch boards.

The second project was “Animal tracking.”  He got clay and two animal figurines in which he was able to roll out the clay and make animal tracks in it.  He then kept the tracks in the clay to later make them fossils.  This same project went over migration and animal footprints of various animals.  He used his stencils to paint animal track cards.  (Paint included in the kit).  They go on to show a lot of tracks for animals you’d see in Africa.

20150207_085258 The third project was the “quicksand experiment.”  There was instructions  to on how to make elephant toothpaste.  With the quicksand project, though, he got to use his figurines that came in the tracking project and place them in this goo he helped make with water and see them sink.  He loved putting his hands in the gunk too.  Boys love goo…and gunk! He had so much fun with it.  I mean he giggled so so so long.  I love that sound.   Laughter really is the best medicine!  I gotta say that these projects are good for any age.   Learning and playing isn’t a bad combination at all.

For more information about Green kid crafts click on this link…. Green Kids crafts.


The Art of selling baby items on Facebook.

This is one of the posts I made.  And yes it's sold!

This is one of the posts I made. And yes it’s sold! Wahoo!

Social media has made things so easy for mommas to sell to other mommas.  Some time ago, on facebook,  I joined a “craigslist” page for moms and it’s been so helpful.  They are pretty easy to find; just search for baby swaps or market or ask on your Facebook feed.   Folks are really nice to let you know.   Each page has their own rules too like only certain things can be sold on them and you can’t do things like advertise your business on them etc.  Most post their rules on the page and some are extensive.  Be mindful of them because they make it known that you will be deleted if you don’t follow the rules.

Even so, I’ve sold so many things to other mommas this way.  Really as a consumer, I would buy this way as well because you know these items are both being sold at a good deal and that it’s sold by another mom who you can click and look at their profile.   It’s so nice.  Some of the time they will meet you at your house and other times you can meet at some halfway point. …which is alright when you have places to go.  But either way you both decide which is best.  Oh, and if you have to tell them details about meet ups or even where you live then you can use messenger to keep things more private.

Their are the stores that buy your baby items and sell them but I know for a fact that they don’t give you a good deal.   Those companies aren’t bad, they are like any consumer…they want a good deal as well. …the only thing is. ..you can’t negotiate with them.   You either sell it for what they want to buy it for or you walk away.   In my experience, they want to buy your items for very little.  To tell you the truth,  I love to buy from them and I will never sell to them.

So back to the Facebook page.   It’s such a great thing for folks, like moms,  that want to buy at a good deal and help a family out as well as sell their things and get a bit of money.  You still need to be careful and do your research.   Their are things that are ok to ask such as: “Does it come from a pet free and/or smoke free home?”  Also it’s not a good idea to buy car seats and you need to do some of your own research to make sure things aren’t recalled.  I mean, we’re mommas, we are busy and sometimes are not up to date with all the recalls.  And believe me their are so many.  But for me, we have floors to buy.  And I’m getting addicted to letting go.   Haha!  Watch out Gavin…your toys could be next.  Bwahaha.   Better keep your room clean.  Lol!

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YouTube might get better for momma’s

I just read that YouTube might be coming out with an App that will be more tailored to kids 2-8years old.  Thank the Lord!  I had to stop letting Gavin watch YouTube because at first I started to see how easy it was to go on video tangents.  One minute he’s watching educational videos then another minute he’s watching some kids cuss while pretend sword fighting.  How the heck did he get from watching videos I approved to videos I would never watch myself?  It happened so frequently that he would even get snappy and say things that didn’t seem to be like him.  I get that he had bad days…but when those bad days correlated with the days he watched YouTube…it became apparent that I needed to take drastic measures.  These sorts of things would even happen when he would have tablet time so he could play the games we downloaded ( all the Angry bird games).  He would play his games then get on YouTube and his whole demeanor would just change.   So YouTube was ditched!  He is so much better.  He still gets some of that attitude that comes out once in a while but it might be because he just can’t unsee things.  The eyes are definitely a gateway to this world.  I didn’t know, like countless other momma’s, what kind of impact modern technology has and will have on my kids. We have to be careful of who is teaching our kids….I am guilty myself.   Everyday is like trial and error.  We parents need huge amounts of grace and guidance from the Lord.  This day and age is so fast paced.  I didn’t have my first cell phone till after high school…now kids in elementary are getting them.  Tablets are so common.  Everyone has a cell phone that has quick access to things we love and things we would never ever watch ourselves.  As we protect our hearts, let’s protect our eyes too.  We momma’s have so much power.  Let’s continue to protect our kids by guarding our eyes first then our hearts will then also be protected.  I am so glad for the possibility for this App and really hope that it will be what it says it will.  Till then…YouTube will remain on the no or one video list.  I’ve got a momma duty to uphold.  Protector of my kids hearts and the heartbeat of my family.

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The Kindness of a Good Friend

As a momma to two of some of the world’s sweetest kids, it’s easy to forget the need for the kindness of a sweet outside influence.  That’s right, the need to hang out with a person closer in age.  A really sweet friend came to visit and it was such a great thing for the heart of this momma.  As laughter is the best medicine; it became ever so apparent as we sat chatting about life and the ups and downs of it all.  I really miss having good friends (or really, actually putting time aside to hang out with these good friends) and I am so thankful that she decided to be counted as one of them.  I hope to be the kind of friend that she was to me.  My heart was so full of love.  I am pretty sure she had no idea the impact she had.


Every Momma needs to break away from the high pitched voices and the hyper world she lives in day in and day out.  Even if only for a moment…or two.  Hehe.  Don’t get me wrong…I know very well that this part of my life will come to an end and I will look sweetly back at how perfect it was.  I mean, sweet Gavin is already 5….5!  To me, that was a quick blink back…sooner than yesterday.  It’s been so fun to watch his personality bloom and to see how well he interacts with his baby sister.  Everyday I am so blessed to see.    Though Motherhood is the most Amazing experience, we mommas still need a good girlfriend to help lift the funk we may have not known was there.  So for that I am so thankful!!!  So if you see a momma girlfriend, and you have some time, bless her.  She could be wearing the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Say a kind word…that word may be the word she needs to help catapult her to greatness!

I am mom


Valentine’s Day Fun at Lowe’s

Valentines day







Today, on Valentine’s day, we went to Lowes and participated in their kids workshop.  It normally happens at 10am but when we got their at 9:55am we found that they weren’t set up and their were folks that said they were waiting since 9:45am…which in the past they had set up the tables about then (yes I’ve been to places early. …hehe…so I know that to be true).  By 10:10 they started to set the work stations up.  At that point I went to the front of the line and just asked if I can get a blank waiver to start filling out so the folks behind us don’t get more irritated.  Well they didn’t have any and the woman in charge asked a Co worker to get them printed.   She started to pass out the kits but with every person that didn’t have the waiver she would have them step aside till they were filled out and turned in.  This brought on a firestorm of angry parents.  It was quite a sight.   It got worse when it took the Co worker close to 10 more minutes to get the waivers printed.

Mob of Angry Parents


The Storm calmed as soon as the printed waivers came and all in the world was good.  Now onto the normal fun of kids kits in this workshop. …  Today’s kit was the Valentine’s Day Picture holder.  So so cute!  The instructions were easy and Gavin was able to get some hands on experience.  How fun for kids!  I totally know this wasn’t around when I was a kid.  What a great experience.  Hehe. …crazy moments and all!

Hammering away!!!


If you want to find a FREE fun activity for your kids. .  Lowes is a good option.   They have what they call a Build and Grow Workshop where you and your kids get hands on projects to build together.  It’s so fun!  Lowe’s provides these kids with an apron, protective eye wear, and the hammer (while your there) to put the project together.   In the end, when it’s all finished, they hand out these really well made patches to sew (or in our case iron) onto your apron.  Best thing is that it’s completely FREE!  There are very few things that you can do and have fun with your kids that are free.  So look them up online and find out when the next project is and have some kid friendly fun!  It would be fun to see you there too.


All Finished!  Will you be my Valentine?

All Finished! Will you be my Valentine?


Kids, Colds, and a Quick recovery

Colds, we all get them.  When your kid has a cold it’s awful, and if your like me you think…follow that kid and disinfect everything.  Eeekk!!! Well this Tuesday was Gavin’s turn to get a cold.  And my thoughts were: NO!!!!!  NO!!!!  I am already exhausted, I have a sick boy who is spreading his germs and a baby girl that LOVES the attention of her big brother.  All day Tuesday I asked Gavin to keep his distance from his sister (which hurt his feelings) but he did it anyhow.  Normally I follow him around and disinfect all his toys and doors and everything he comes in contact with but really, that wasn’t happening.  I needed to contain his movements and so in his room he went.  By Arielle’s second nap I could compose my thoughts enough to make a real game plan.  At 2pm we put OnGuard essential oil on his feet and back.  At the same time we put Breathe essential oil on his feet and chest.  Then we made up what I like to call the “Cold Kicker” and had him drink:

Cold kicker

(we had him drink this two times on Tuesday evening with approximately 4 hours between the two.  (This was repeated on Wednesday but we were able to give it to him 3 times).

On Wednesday we repeated the OnGuard and Breathe on his feet as well, one time in the morning, and one time at night.

Oh and he also had a Vitamin C chewable tablet twice a day both days.

(As you can see, we hate colds! Eeeww)

Today is Thursday and he has NO sign of a cold!!!!! Amen!!!  Fact: our colds, in the past, have lasted weeks.  They travel within the family and they are just plain NO FUN!  As a safe guard I also put OnGuard on sweet Baby Arielle and myself.  Jay did the same and I have no cold and Arielle looks like the perfect little angel baby she is ;).  hehe.  Now I am no doctor, but I do know that this stuff is real!  And I am so thankful for it!  I mean, a cold remedy that might actually be a remedy?  Yes, and it’s really cool!  Hit me up if you want to know more about it!  I love to share!  It has now become my passion as I see day after day how it’s changing our lives and the way we take control of our health!  I totally look forward to hearing testimonies as well as folks wanting a more natural way to heal their bodies.  Heal your bodies in that it gives your body the correct nutrients that it needs to heal itself!  Our bodies are Wonderfully made and I totally know that full well!  I can’t speak for another Essential oil Brand but Doterra (I haven’t been in contact with another).  I love it so much and I know you will too!  If you have any questions of health concerns, even if I may not know the answer I will definitely get back to you with one.  Until then…Be Well, Safe, and Healthy!!!