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Thanksgiving BOGO 2015 Doterra essential oils!!!

Thanksgiving-BOGO 2015

If you LOVE Essential oils and want GREAT Deals along with some “Almost Christmas” fun…then you will want to be a part of this.  Each day on the dates between November 16th to November 20th, DoTerra will be offering BOGO deals on the essential oil or oils of the day!  So if you have friends and they LOVE essential oils too and love the deal of the day then let them in on this.  What a Great way to spread Essential oil joy!  Ha!

Last year I participated in the deals for Digestzen, Deep Blue, On Guard, and Goodness….i can’t even remember. lol.  If I remember right, I participated in almost everyday.  Ha!  Watching their facebook page everyday during the BOGO was so fun.  As you can tell.  I am obsessed!

Here is the link to the Doterra blog that I got the information from:

DoTerra Blog

Enjoy!  I sure will be waiting in anticipation of the BOGO sale along with you.

Picture time!

Picture time!

During the Nevada Day Celebration the Train Museum was offering FREE Admission.  And I LOVE Free!

Beautiful door inside of the Railroad Museum

Beautiful door inside of the Railroad Museum

We walked in and were welcomed and told a little about the exhibits we would see.  The only thing that Gavin saw was the train table with Thomas the Train pieces.  This particular museum just received a new train that was re-finished…and it was really pretty.  Did Gavin care to pay attention to the amazing detail put into it?  No.  hehe.  He and his sister Arielle had better fun playing on the train table set aside for kids.  One specifically set right next to a bench for very tired adults to just set and watch their kids play trains while at the Train Museum.  Boy, was I glad this was free!

Train table where we spent a lot of time.  Ha!

Train table where we spent a lot of time. Ha!

I realized quickly why the train table was such a good idea…and it wasn’t really because it’s a “Train table” either.  The trains on exhibit all had signs to NOT climb on the trains.  Sad face.  I mean really,  To see something this big for a kid and to not be able to climb on it…that’s hard work!  Ha!

I somehow was able to pry the toy trains from both kids and we walked together through the museum.  There are such Beautiful trains inside and it’s worth a visit.  Was it interesting to a 5 year old.  A bit, sure.  He loved the initial look of the trains and how BIG they are.  Along with the 3D glasses that made the pictures “stick out” on the wall.   But for the most part…we spent a good majority of our time at the kids train table and I didn’t mind because of the nice bench seat that set close by.



Carson City Historic walking tour bust. Ha!

On Friday the 30th Nevada decided to observe Nevada day.   The real Nevada day is Oct 31st.  Nevada became a State in 1864.  In Carson City Halloween candy is passed out Friday the 30th and then the next morning, the 31st, the Nevada State Parade is taking place starting at 10am.

Gavin holding the booklet of the tour.

Gavin holding the booklet of the tour.

We participated in the free historic walking tour which took place at 10am starting on the capital steps.   We got there as they were heading out.   Ha!   There was quite a crowd of mostly golden age folks and homeschool families that we’ve previously met elsewhere.  Yay friends!  The woman leading the tour needed a megaphone but it seemed to be ok because we were given great booklets that stayed in the order of what she was talking about.

Sweet quiet woman leading the tour.

Sweet quiet woman leading the tour.

Sweet Arielle was towed in our handy dandy stroller along with big brother Gavin.   Even so, Arielle gave out quite a few Haunted Mansion screams, but being that it was Halloween time we felt it appropriate.  Hehe.

Tour ready. ..just waiting for folks to catch up.

Tour ready. ..just waiting for folks to catch up.

But really, she was over the walking and waiting and more walking waiting part.

We left the tour a bit early to get a bite to eat.

Mixing little ones, a tour guide that we couldn’t hear and a lot of walking and stopping doesn’t add up to fun for neither the kids nor parents.   Well,  hopefully next year!



Happy Halloween from Carson City!

Carson city night!

Carson city night!

Nevada Day is a big deal in our state.   This Battle Born state originated on 1864.  It’s so big that it’s celebrated both Friday and Saturday and where Halloween is pushed onto the 30th in Carson City.  So for us Reno/sparks and surrounding area folks you have Halloween twice.

The Governors Mansion held its own style of Halloween.  Governor Sandoval passed out candy outside starting at 5pm until 8pm.

Line to get candy from the Governor.   Sounded fun before we got here.   Eeek.

Line to get candy from the Governor. Sounded fun before we got here. Eeek.

The streets around were blocked off and On his lawn there was a band,  fire flame throwers,  creepy decor, candy, and LOTS of people!  With our Littles we decided not to get into the 2 block long line and trick or treat around the  governor’s historic neighborhood.

This is as close as we got to the Governor of Nevada.   And no we didn't wait in line.   Our kids would have died...well we would have.

This is as close as we got to the Governor of Nevada. And no we didn’t wait in line. Our kids would have died…well we would have.

We had so much fun.   The neighborhood was both beautiful and the people who lived there were kind.

Now to try to get these hyper kids to bed so we can get up early for the Nevada Day parade.

Gavin choosing all his candy.   Umm...all that chocolate is mommas!

Gavin choosing all his candy. Umm…all that chocolate is mommas!


The Reno Lantern Fest 2015 was Amazing! We will do that again!

Some time ago I got word through Facebook that a Lantern Festival would be coming to town and that I can sign up for their email list to see when tickets would be sold and where the venue would be.   Being a Disney lover, I instantly thought of the movie Tangled and said oh heck yes sign me up to be among the first to get ticket information.

Once I got the email that tickets would be sold on a particular day I found out the details and saw that it was a possibility and bought the tickets for Myself,  Jay, and Gavin.  Arielle was free Yay!

The Reno Lantern Fest 2015 was held for two nights at the Fernley speedway racetrack.   At first they only had tickets for Saturday which we bought and then they opened up another night which was Friday.

When the day came it rained all morning, eeek! They kept us registered folks updated via email and said that it was still on.  Yay!  I spoke to the ticket booth attendee and he said that the night before (Friday) was the mild night with only 1000 plus folks whereas tonight there are over 4000 paid registrants.  Wow!

Even with the crowds of folks it was so peaceful.   Around the speedway venue there was sporadically placed galvanized tubs for wood fires.  And then tiki torches nearby each tub.  The fire pit tubs and tiki torches were communal and basically were first one first serve but so many folks were so kind to share with those around them.

They handed us each a box with smores supplies, a marker for the lantern,  and a lighter for the lantern as well.  Oh and giant sticks for our smores too.  Loved that!

Smores kit box

Smores kit box

We brought sweaters,  blankets, chairs, and food because eating at the food trucks would just get expensive.   It really was so perfect and fun.   As we waited, we colored our lanterns with the markers that came in our boxes.

Arielle and Gavin working together to make our lanterns pretty.

Arielle and Gavin working together to make our lanterns pretty.

We got to meet some amazing folks and shared basically a camp fire which makes you just open up anyhow ha! (What is it about a campfire that makes you want to share things? Lol).

My sweet Family!

My sweet Family!

We listened to music and watched our new friends win a contest too.  Then after the sun went down and the winds died down it was time to light our lanterns and send them off!

Gavin sending off a Lantern with the help of our new friends.

Gavin sending off a Lantern with the help of our new friends.

It was so beautiful…and at times scary.  Ha!   We had to be sure to watch out for flyaway lanterns that went horizontal and not vertical.  Those were scary because they might light someone’s things on fire.

Here is a glimpse of the fun that Jay made video of while we were there!

Thankfully nothing caught on fire and we got a most spectacular view while they played, yes, the song from Tangled that is so perfect for this event.   Hehe.   It was so fun!  We will be back again next year!



I have been using the library for great sources of books and even movies.  The free part isn’t even the best part….it’s that I can look for items online and reserve them for the drive-through for pick up.  With errands and kids that need naps, the drive-through is a Godsend.  But a recent trip and my ignorance cost me the price of a book that I checked out.

So here is how it went….I checked out a lot of books and within the many books I reached for a certain book (Mom Blogging for dummies) Ha!) that looked bent up and ugly.  I showed it to my husband, that happened to be with me, and made mention of how awful it looked but we still drove off and took it home.  First mistake!!!  You see, once it was due, I returned it among other books I checked out and dropped it off with the attendant at the window.  A few hours later I checked my voicemail which said that I had damaged this particular book and I NEEDED TO PAY FOR IT!  To me that was FIGHTING WORDS!  I mean, Come on!  If I had really done something to someone else’s things I would have bought a new one to replace it on my own.

I called the library back and got put on hold to speak with the librarian that left me the message.  Well she came back on and let me know that the book that was in my care sustained significant water damage and it was so significant that it couldn’t be placed back onto the shelves for re-circulation.  I right away said that the very way that the book came through the window is the way I brought it back to them.

Whereas she said that “This Library facility would never check out a book in that condition, and you can come in and see the many books in this library, and I could leave the book you brought back and put it aside for you to look at to compare.”  Oh and that I can come and look at the damage done to the book.  (umm…I did look at it remember…I checked it out like that).  She continued to tell me about the damage that “I did.”  Which just got me HOT STEAMING MAD!!!!  Friends, I don’t get this mad….  My husband had just got home and had a shocked look on his face.  He had no idea I was being blamed for something I didn’t do.  And as he and I found out…I do not do well with that.  I totally turned into the HULK and got to the point where I just kept yelling.

I did end up calling back to a hostile librarian and apologizing for acting so awful.  I tried to explain that my husband and  I saw the book right away as it came out of the window and even made mention of it’s condition and that, had I known, I would have given it right back while I was there at the library checking out my books.

It wasn’t ever about the money….to me it was about being blamed for something that I was powerless to prove otherwise.  It was SO MESSED UP!  Oh and had I heard something like “I am so sorry but it seems that a book that was lent out to you came back damaged…can you tell me about this said book?” (then i say what happened)   “ok, so I apologize for giving this book to you like this, but this book in it’s current condition isn’t up to our standard and we will not be able to re-circulate it….would you be willing to donate a replacement?”

I would have said sure!  No question.

The librarian chose to take the fee off of my account after I apologized and I decided to find the book and replace it.

So what did I learn?






Looking back at all the books I have checked out and movies…that could really add up if I had to pay for all of those.  

So I am still thankful for the library…Yes.  It really had saved me money…

But That whole scenario completely sucked!  I hope I saved you from this sort of thing happening to you.

SO, if you are behind me at the drive up window, I am so sorry.  I will be there a while.  I do not want to have that happen again.  It really was too awful! 


Our Adventure at Apple Hill

Apple hill Fun

Apple hill Fun

As a family we went to Apple Hill with some sweet homeschoolers.  It was a huge group of about 65 and possibly more, and it was Amazing!  In advance we signed up for a pie baking class for Gavin and then an apple ranch tour.

Because we have a Jeep we decided to rent a car and got a great deal with a company that our friend Debbie worked at.  We happened to rent through Costco and tried to make sure that the company we rented from was the right one.  She snagged us a 2016 Nissan Altima and it got gas mileage that went up to 40mpg!  That was So Cool! Especially when we have a Jeep that gets a gas mileage of 16mpg.  That is quite a difference.  ha!

We left our house at 6:45am and headed to Apple Hill by way of Carson City.  We didn’t anticipate the morning traffic, road construction, and the Lake Tahoe Marathon. Ha! Oh and we made a quick coffee and smoothie drive through break at Dutch Brothers in Carson….Mmm The BEST!

The trip was made more fun because we had constant Tweets of where the group caravans were at.  There was even added information (Carschooling) on each town that we passed on hwy 50 as well.

Despite the travel restrictions, we made it to our first appointment which was Gavin’s Pie baking class at Denver Dan’s with time to spare.

While Jay took his son to class, I took sweet Arielle to the orchard there and decided to take some photos of her by herself.

Sweet Arielle

Sweet Arielle

Her sweet Smile

Her sweet Smile

Arielle had so much fun.  She really loves the camera.  And the camera loves her.  I know I may be bias but I think she’s so Beautiful!  I dressed her like it was Fall hahah…Though it’s definitely October it was HOT there.

Once picture time was done, we went back to the class and got there right on time to watch the entire thing.  Gavin really loved learning and he did such an amazing job!  We’re so proud of him.

Pie baking Class

Pie baking Class

Working hard on his pie

Working hard on his pie

While waiting and watching I got to speak with some amazing ladies and made some new friends.  It’s so nice to meet ladies that I can totally relate to and instantly find a friend.

Once we were done there we headed over to Larson Apple Barn for lunch.  We packed our lunches but this place has a great kitchen to buy food from and a nice shady area to eat it.  It was here that I took some photos of sweet Gavin.

Gavin after his baking class

Gavin after his baking class

My handsome boy.

My handsome boy.

After that we headed straight for High Hill Ranch where we got a tour of the estate and then a hay ride too.  The tour was so informative.  The man that gave us the tour (I think Paul was his name) was the kindest person and he really tried to take care of us and show us everything that this ranch did.  And they did and had a LOT!  Cider, Fritters, Gourds, Crafts, Ponds, Pony rides, Candied apples, Giant refrigerators, etc.  He took us through the process of making cider and we watched the folks make it.  It was so fun!  And we didn’t leave without an Apple Fritter, a couple of Candied apples, a Jug of Apple Cider, and a Giant Spaghetti Squash.  Every bit delicious.

All finished!  Oh and he made a cookie too.

All finished! Oh and he made a cookie too.




Wondering what’s the deal with Apple Hill?  Wondering why so many love it?

Sweet Gavin his first year to Apple hill....but such a great way to ask the question.  Haha!

Sweet Gavin his first year at Apple hill….but such a great way to ask the question. Haha!


You might be surprised, yourself, at how amazing this place is too.

Apple Hill is located off Highway 50 right in between South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.  It’s about 40 Miles east of Sacramento and 45 Miles West of South Lake Tahoe.  For us Reno folks it takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to get there by way of Carson city and highway 50.  It’s right off of highway 50, literally.

Every Location on Apple Hill has a number attached to it.  Not sure why, but the numbers are not in order.  They seriously are all over the place.  Haha!  But with the map it makes things a bit easier.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR MAP.  I did, and I didn’t have reception on my phone in this area to look up a map.   That was a crazy day.  I don’t want to repeat that, and I don’t want you to either.  KEEP YOUR MAP!  Hahah!

Apple Hill Map

Apple Hill has a Huge Variety of apples that grow there.  Some of the apples are: McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Empire, Pippin, Stay man, Red delicious, Braeburn, Winesap, Fuji, Arkansas black, Pink Lady, Mutsu, Jonagold, Cameo, Honey Crisp, and so many more!  Now if you don’t like apples, that’s ok.  Apple Hill is so much more than apples!  Sounds crazy, but it’s totally true.

If you don’t like apples, then you will be pleasantly surprised because this magical place has Cherries, Berries, Peaches, Grapes, Nectarines, Plums, Pears, Squash, Pumpkin patches, Christmas trees, Museums, Deli’s, Oh and even a Bavarian Restaurant!  Ha!

For Additional fun, sign up to do a baking class.  At Denver dan’s Apple Patch they offer Pie Baking classes.  It’s really inexpensive to get in and learn how the Pro’s make a pie.  Along with your tuition you get to take home your pie.  This year they advertise their classes for $10 with a minimum of 5 kids and a max of 20 per class.  And they only have 2 classes per day.  To me, even that’s a lot of classes per day with that many kids at once.  Ack!  I couldn’t be a school teacher to that many kids all at once.  God bless those school teachers.  Here’s the link to Denver Dan’s Cookin Kid’s class…

Denver Dan’s Cooking Class

We will be heading down This week and will give an update as to how it goes.  Yes, we are taking our sweet two.  It’s going to be so fun!




We were invited to head on over to the National Reno Automobile Museum with a homeschooling crew.  I knew sweet Arielle would have zero fun so she went to hang out with Auntie Ronna.  Amen!   So it was momma and sweet son time.  Love it.

This place had A beautiful array of vehicles that would rival the collection of any automobile museum.  The building facades and the car lined streets gave it a great outdoor feeling of nostalgia.

Reno National Automobile Museum Cool "Streets"

Cool “Streets”

For me it was a great reminder of some sweet videos I grew up watching…you know…”My Fair Lady”, “Gone with the Wind”,  “Singing in the Rain”,  and my favorite Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  There really are so many more that I won’t go listing without reader boredom. You’re Welcome! hehe.

There was one car that I was told had been in a movie that I will totally be looking up.  The movie is with Jack Lemmon and is called The Great Race.

Reno National Automobile MuseumThis car was in the movie "The Great Race"

This car was in the movie “The Great Race”

Gavin was free of charge because he wasn’t quite 6 yet and I paid just $10 so I figured it was just $5 per person for us.  I am definitely a cheap date. hehe.

With admission came some rules: No touching the cars, with exception to a Model-T that has some dress clothes hanging nearby to take photos with.  Fun!  And later we found another Rule: No Running! hehe.  With a boy and some other boys, around the same age anywhere….running is something that will happen.  eek sorry!

Reno National Automobile Museum The clothes were way too big for him...sorry for the blurr...but my son is like flash sometimes hehe.

The clothes were way too big for him…sorry for the blurr…but my son is like flash sometimes hehe.

So Run, they did.  And Stop was said.  But running kept happening.  And Fun kept on.

I got a glimpse, literally, of some beautiful cars and some long ago Ladies attire as well as this great Space Exhibit with a few games for the kids to play.

All this time really was spent with Gavin running around with some of his friends he knew from elsewhere.  What fun we had Pushing buttons, wherever they were; whether along the wall or within the car exhibits themselves.

Reno National Automobile Museum Looked in the viewfinder to see what was in there

Looked in the viewfinder to see what was in there

Reno National Automobile Museum Turning wheel on the wall.   To him it was a steering wheel...close ha!

Turning wheel on the wall. To him it was a steering wheel…close ha!

Reno National Automobile Museum Crank that car to start!

Crank that car to start!

Reno National Automobile Museum And Honked that horn...A lot!  Oy!

And Honked that horn…A lot! Oy!


So, yes, we had a great time and played as if it were a playground that we stayed careful not to disturb; unless it said we could.  hehe.  But really, Anything that had a button was pushed, pulled or played on that was easily seen as ok to do.  And it was fun.  For us, learning and fun go hand in hand.  It was a good day.  And yes, we did our normal school work for that day.  If you were wondering…and I know you were wondering.  hehe.


Mailing out our cards...red flag up!

Mailing out our cards…red flag up!

September 1st we sent our first round of Nevada post cards out to 9 families.  Today, October 2nd, we sent out 11 Nevada post cards.  Throughout September Gavin got post cards from around the United States with information about their state.  How fun it is to see these things in the mail.  I mean really, who wants to see bills, credit card “pre-approvals,” and this weeks advertisements for what’s on sale at the local grocery stores?!  hehe.  These sweet notes from folks we don’t know is really a fun way to go to the mailbox.

I found this particular Post Card exchange on Facebook and signed up for the 5 month plan.  I knew that my son, Gavin, would love to see his name on these cards so I made sure to have the cards addressed to him.  I thought that it would only be fun to receive the cards but really it’s fun and educational to send them as well.  As we write the addresses on the cards, we lay the cards on a Rug of the United States of America…hehe.  I wanted Gavin to see where these cards were going.  And Yes, We do these in our Pajamas.  Hehe.  Love Homeschooling!

Map Rug to help us see where our cards are going.   And when we receive them we see where they came from.  Fun!

Map Rug to help us see where our cards are going. And when we receive them we see where they came from. Fun!

He’s traveled with us a few times on 9 hour drives from where we live here in Nevada to Southern California.  I would show him the distance between our home and California to sort of use it as a measuring tool.  (So Gavin, you remember how long it took to drive down to grandma’s house in California, can you imagine driving that 4 times to drive across the country?.)  At that point it clicks in his head that this map is now HUGE!  He often comes back with “that poor mailman.”  Hahaha!!!

We also talk about State Capitals.  Gavin is in Kindergarten!!  ha!  I am not asking for perfection from him, that would be crazy, however he has a good time hearing about the cards that leave our house and the ones that we get.  We live pretty close to our State Capital, Carson City, and he loved his visit there…but only because his first visit there was to the Children’s Museum.  Which isn’t a bad visit and it allowed him to light up when I started talking about Capitals.  So, I kept going.  To make it really fun, he knows where Disneyland and Disney World are on the map too.  Ha!  It’s the really important things in life that matter.  Haha!

Many of these Post Cards have a ton of information on the States that they came from.   State Flag, Flower, Capital, Bird, Trees, Approximate Population, what the state is known for, things to do, and the list goes on.

3 Limitations we Momma’s fall for:

1.  My kid is only 5 (or ?)…they aren’t ready to learn about things like ” ”        and ” ”   (fill in the blank),  because it will be over their head.

2.  How can a 3, 4, 5, or almost 6 year old, understand the actual measurement of something so big?  This is too hard.  

3.  Reading about these places, that my kid has never been to, or heard of, will leave them uninterested and might be a huge waste of time.   

Kids are like amazing little sponges, but even better than sponges is their capacity to remember and quite possibly their ability to relate and understand.   This life and these sorts of things are what we make of it.  If we have a good time, chances are, they will too.